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Statement of quality policy

from 15.09.2008. (certificated for EN 17025 from 2005. year)

By adopting the Rules of quality, the Director of the Company, as the management of the Laboratory for NDT confirmed that the company, or organization of the control in theCompany, the performance of nondestructive testing:  

- realize good professional practice and maintain the quality of its research, all in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO / IEC 17020:2002;

  - provide customers a standard service control, in accordance with the requirements of applicable standards whose application has provided procedures for the implementation of certain methods of examination; 

- maintain the adopted management system relating to quality, and will not allow any kind of pressure affects the results of tests which they performed;

 - ensure that the adopted management system guarantees quality, efficient, reliable and professional conduct investigations;

  - ensure that all personnel be familiar with the requirements management system arising from the documents and that the same system requirements listed above and understand fully comply in performing duties and tasks in this activity. 

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