Statement of quality policy

Continuous provision of high quality services and increased competitiveness implies compliance with the Code of Professional Practice.

The basic rules of standard laboratory services are based on the recognized values ​​of the host business:

- identifying and respecting user requests;

- Equitable and fair treatment of all users;

- competence for providing technically valid services;

- independence and impartiality in technical decision-making;

- protection of confidentiality of information and user's rights;

- respecting the agreed diligence of the business;

- continuous improvement of the quality system.

In this regard, the management is obliged to carry out the activity of the test:

- to achieve good professional practice and to maintain the quality of its testing without destruction, etc., all in accordance with the requirements of the Standard;

- provide users with a standard laboratory service, mainly testing methods without destruction, in accordance with the requirements of the applicable standards;

- Maintain the adopted quality management system and will not allow any kind of pressure to affect the results of the tests being carried out;

- Ensure that the adopted management system guarantees quality, efficient, reliable and professional testing;

- ensure that the entire staff is familiar with the requirements of the management system stemming from the management system documents, and that the above requirements are fully understood and fully respected in the performance of the tasks and tasks of this activity.

In order to implement the defined quality objectives, the entire staff involved in the examination must be familiar with the quality documentation and consistently apply all the provisions in the management system documentation, and to constantly improve the effectiveness of the set management system and implement the policies and procedures in its work.

The director of the organization and the management of the laboratory undertake to work to reduce all the identified risks for the impartiality of the testing activities to the minimum, as well as to protect the staff for impartiality in these jobs from financial, commercial and other pressures.

The laboratory management is committed to meeting the requirements of the international standard SRPS ISO 17025 and continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system.

The real measure of the level of quality of the service provided is exclusively the user's estimation. Because:

The service provided must satisfy or exceed the requirements and expectations of the users.

Manager M. Obradović

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