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Metalectrique Limited

Oui, its a french name because we started our research and development work as Metalectrique SAS in a lovely town in the centre of France called Argenton-sur-Creuse. Our good friend there, Monsieur Michel Sapin (now a government minister) helped us get to the stage where we could commercialise and we agreed that this would be best done in UK. Metalectrique Limited was created to do that and we've concentrated on automotive applications since then. 

So now we're an electric vehicle battery developer based in another picturesque town which is Tavistock in Devon, UK where we design and build a different kind of battery called a 'semi-fuel cell'. This battery uses aluminium as its power store. It's recyclable, green and affordable; it also has a huge range.

Our battery has been verified by UK Government approved scientists and we are one of only seven global technology companies chosen by UKTI Global Entrepreneur Programme, which recognises our technology as one which 'offers huge potential for accelerating the deployment of long range, affordable, electric vehicles around the world'.

Others have researched into this type of battery but ours is unique because 

we've developed a special liquid component which takes away the engineering problems normally linked to this kind of technology. It also allows us to use ordinary aluminium, which makes driving with it cheaper than gasoline.

We can give you outstanding range and recently demonstrated a 1500 mile capability, but the key benefit we offer is the technology to directly reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions on the road.

1500 Miles from Metalectrique Technology

Obviously some people don't like what we do because it threatens their business model, and we sometimes go head-to-head, but the most important thing now is getting the CO2 back down to normal levels, so we ignore our critics and push forward towards that goal with like-minded partners.

We look forward to working with you in this exciting and fast transition to really amazing electric cars.