Metal Detector for Spices  

Gravity feed metal detector systems are designed to inspect any free flowing 
bulk powder  or granular materials such as pharmaceuticals, plastic pellets,
cereals, flour ,Spices  (whole / ground and ready to use spices ),Sugar, Rice  
 and chemicals.
Any free flowing materials may be passed through the vertical drop system. 
The unit fits into an existing pipeline or beneath a feed hopper and the product 
fall by gravity
The high feed flap reject ensures positive rejection of metal contamination every time.
Salient Features:
  High speed reject for positive reject of contaminants. 
  Compact frame- needs less installation space. 
  Easily cleaned 
  Stainless steel finish for easy clean and hygienic design. 
  High sensitivity to all metal including the most difficult non-magnetic stainless steel. 
  Built in LED Bar Graph to monitor the amount of contamination. 
  Performance is maintained stable throughout the life. 
  Auto balance 
  Easy change Electronic modules
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