Java Exercise-4

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1. Convert a float value to an integer (float to double etc.) 

(Hint use  wrapper classes ,do not typecast them!).

2. Function overriding & overloading ( Write a set of classes to bring out the difference!)

3. Write a class and override "toString" method in the class object.(When you write a class "A" does it have any parent? , investigate!)

4. What is an abstract class , why it is used ? (Write an abstract and<> try to use it!).

5. Write an interface and try to bring out diff. between abstract class and an interface! (can i define variables in interfaces?)

6. What is the difference between a Hashtable and Properties? (Write a program as an example!)

7. Write a program to print all elements in a Properties object (Using Enumeration! )

8. Can i remove an element while enumerating through a Properties object? (If so how? , if not how will i remove a element while enumerating!). What happens when i remove an element while enumerating!.