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Integration of "Functional Units" Model and "Lower/Higher Levels" Model               back to home

and Its Implications for the "Meta Emotions" Model

The "Functional Units" Model


Similarly to nowadays computers having  graphical memory for storing what is being prepared by their  graphical co-processors, the human body/mind has evolved the emotional memory for storing what is being prepared by emotional-level running six basic programs called basic emotions which are organized and implemented in three functional units...  (read more)


The "Lower/Higher Levels" Model

During the course of co-evolution with other co-evolving species many species of the genus homo have lost the competition to homo sapiens sapiens due to our ability to simulate lower-level body/minds and predict their behavior in advance, and taking advantage of the situation. Human body/mind has evolved many additional higher-levels to be able to cognitive simulate/represent lower-level body/minds in the environment... (read more)




Table of meta-emotions