What is going on during meta-emotional dance sessions?

Different things at different levels


At sensory-motoric (i.e. behavioral)  level: Modifying our learned dysfunctional patterns of sensing and moving through experimenting with gestures and movements.

At emotions level: Modifying our (meta-)emotions by: 

  • noticing their existence, firstly,
  • paying closer attention to them, secondly,
  • wondering about them, thirdly,
  • being curious testing them and playing with them, paradoxically changing them by letting them be expressed (creatively with intelligence and fun), fourthly
  • being fascinated by the changes, and in awe, fifthly
  • being ecstatic about having our needs being met, sixthly, and finally
  • dancing, being seen, and seeing other dance their emotions. 

At mental level: Modifying our beliefs (self-image) about ourselves, our bodies etc.

At socio-cultural level: Modifying our social jobs/roles/masks. 

At spirituality level: Modifying our visions and dreams. 

At trans-spirituality level: Modifying our transcendent experiences. ____________________________________________


At ethological level: Modifying dysfunctionally interrupted Trauma Response to the perceived imminence of being killed - see Peter Levine - or an imminence of attachment interruption.

For psychotherapists: 

 as new framework for understanding