Enlightened state of mind/heart using exclusively meta-interest
as a kayak for sailing on the stream of emotions

Meta-Emotional Therapeutic Modality

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Question No1.: What is the therapist's job in this modality? 

Therapist's job in this modality is to be interested in your dysfunctional meta-emotions, besides spontaneous ones, because interest paradoxically modifies them.
And to sometimes ask you what was that you felt at particular moment or to second-guess the words for what you might be doing and feeling at the moment, and after s/he has done any of that it is his/her job to additionally ask you if what s/he said does make any sense to you or not? 
Otherwise s/he makes mistakes (which is not his/her job, although parents and teachers and therapist seem as if their job is to make mistakes), and in that case his/her job is to apologize to you.

Question No2.: What about lay help?

Spending some quality time with a wider community representatives (teachers, subculture's idol's, spiritual leaders) that are interested in your spontaneous emotions, can replace internalized parental dysfunctional meta-emotions. 

Question No3.: What else is going on?

According to an "lower/higher levels" model, any change at one level facilitates additional changes at levels above and below the middle, (meta-)emotional level. Therefore, different things happen at different levels...


Meta-Question No1:

Let me check if I understand the means. In your view, by our internalizing of some wider community representative's (e.g. a teacher's, an opinion leader's, a therapist's, or subculture's idol's) meta-interest as our sole meta-emotion it becomes the exclusive meta-emotion at our own "superego level", as well? 

  • Yes, this enlightened state of mind/heart using exclusively meta-interest as a kayak for sailing on  the stream of emotions reminds me of "do not have other gods" except that an embodied meta-interest is more like compassionated buddha or  jesus christ kind of a god (rather then meta-angered criticizing voice of revengeful, old testament kind of a god, or Freudian kind of super-ego).