Interest as the most fundamental emotion

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For Philosophers, Psychologists, and Artificial Life Developers: 


This website is basically about one thing. It is about  interest (curiousness) as the most fundamental emotion.

There are presented three models.

The models on your right will show you why interest is fundamental in prevention and treatment of many emotional dysfunctions, that are shown here in Meta-emotion's Window. (See the free encyclopedia Wikipedia for definition of the concept of "meta-emotions")

The models on your left will show you why this emotion is a prerequisite for any other emotion to be functional in robots or artificial life, and in our real life, the model called "functional units" is described here.

The third model will show you the place of emotion in the larger picture, described here.

There is a sketch of a format of dance sessions and it is offered for free (i.e. this is not commercial website offering workshops, it is educational only).

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For Parents, Teachers,  (Dance) Therapists:

The Emotional dysfunction Prevention and Treatment Modality