LGBT Gamer
Investigations into minorities and gaming

47% of Gamers are females
10% of the population is gay

Key Questions
Is gender nutreal better than targeted?  i.e. women like to play Wii sports rather than games on
Do the same challenges observed with female gaming audience apply to LGTB gamers?

Things to watch
New Tomb Raider sales.  Does the non-sexualized female lead increase or decrease sales.
New Metroid sales.  Metriod's female lead is now overly sexualized, before it was not.

Gender representation in video games (
Sex and Nudity in video games ( 
Women and Video Games (
Frag Dolls (
Frag Dolls (
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Femaie targeted game developed studios
HerInteractive  (Nancy Drew mystery games only)
GirlGoGames (little web based games)
girlTech (??)
Purple Moon (story games that focused on emotion, company folded)
Game Girl Workshop (dutch girls making games for Palestinian girls, can't find link or games however).
Women in Games (Facebook page)

Women remain outsiders in video game industry (, 01/27/2013)
Top 5 Black Video Game Characters ( 02/05/2013)
Survivor Girl (curve 04/2013)
Women Characters That Changed the World ( 03/26/2013)
10 Most Kickass Women Of Gaming ( 02/26/2013) - This is just a list of touch girls, some of the women are very sexualized.
10 Of the Sexist Girls In Gaming ( 03/11/2013) - This is notable because the modern non-sexualized laura croft is on the list.
Game Developers Conference Celebrates Indie Creators ( 01/04/2013) - Note the discussion to make this suitable for women at several panels.
Gamer Girls  ( 04/10/2013)

Significant LGBT, Women and Minority Characters
LGBT Notes

Women Notes
  • Legue of Ledgends women - have taken pride in releasing female characters in full battle armor. Those women are ready to fight with any male or female counterpart,
  • April Ryan, protagonist of The Longest Journey, has been compared to Lara Croft in that respect, as she shows less prominent physical feminine attributes than Lara but more feminine psychological traits, as contrasted with Lara's masculine connotations like aggressiveness and force.
  • Even Nintendo has gone back to change the images of Peach and Zelda, their iconic damsels in distress. In “Super Smash Brothers: Melee” for the Nintendo Gamecube, both of the princesses were fighters, and players were given the chance to kick the butt of the characters’ former captors.
  • Female gamers like World of Warcraft’s (WoW) Rumay “Hafu” Wang and her male Orz teammates--Glick and Rhaegyn--won multiple WoW arena tournaments at MLG Dallas and Orlando in 2008. This made her the first woman to win in a co-ed gaming tournament.
  • GLaDOS - Portal
  • Other women, like Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico and Eefje “sjokz” Depoortere, have been breaking barriers in the eSports journalism world.
  • Contrarily, Jade, the protagonist of Beyond Good & Evil, was widely recognised as a strong and confident female character lacking any overt sexualisation
  • Chell, the main character of Portal was noted for the fact that she was neither in third-person or sexualised unlike most female characters in first-person shooters.
  • Some game companies have attempted to make their games more, "family friendly," allegedly to persuade female consumers to buy them for their male relatives or friends,whereas some franchises, such as Mass Effect, r