May 2017 Ender's Game

Welcome to the #Metagame Book Club’s educational look at Ender’s Game. Throughout the month of May, we will cover each week’s readings and then discuss selected topics that arise from the readings. Each Wednesday, we will do a live Hangout on Air at 9pm Eastern.

We look forward to seeing you online and hearing your thoughts about each weeks topics.

Reading Materials:

Ender's Game Book 1

Amazon Kindle $7.99
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(Ender's Game is part of a five novel series known as Ender's Quintet, the first two books in the series were the Nebula Award winner in 1985 and the Hugo Award winner in 1986.)

In addition to the book, we will also add in a little about cyber security and some discussion by UK and US on training more students in cyber security.

Cyber Security Games and Readings
Draft of Executive Order on Cyber Security

Are you a top secret cyber-security genius? Take our test.

Additional Read for Motivated Learners
Ender's World: Fresh Perspectives on SF Classic Ender's Game