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For the Metagame Book Club, we combine synchronous sessions with discussion on our Google + community. No synchronous participation is required but we would certainly enjoy you joining us. 

We record all sessions over Google Hangout and they are available at the Games MOOC YouTube Channel
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Wed Aug 12   8 pm ET                         Closing Session with Dr. Cynthia Calongne (Lyr Lobo)
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Please Join the Games & Sims Network for the closing keynote of our summer book club.

Dr. Cynthia Calongne, Colorado Technical University professor, game designer and researcher will be presenting Games and 3D Simulations: Dystopian Fears to Utopian Visions.

In the book club, we’ve discussed virtual reality, gamification and the quantified self, games as assessment and what school would look like if it was in virtual world. We’ve played Ingress guided in hangouts by Michael Flood and also Cynthia Clark, the Fauxasis created by Matthew Winner (real name) for the Level Up Book Club and even a group of dystopian games curated by Jon Spike.

Dr. Calongne’s presentation will complete the Ready Player One discussion on a rather optimistic note of how the future might look if we use games and 3D simulations in education.

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Recorded Livestreams

Mon Jul 20    9 am ET                          Introduction to the Book Club and Ready Player One

Wed Jul 22    9 pm ET                          Overview of Ingress with Cynthia Clark

Sat   Jul 25    10 am ET                         Week 1 Hangout  - Ready Player One p. 1 - 166, Ingress & FAUXasis

Mon Jul 27    9 am ET                           Week 2 Overview 

Sat   Aug 1    10 am ET                         Week 2 Hangout - Ready Player One p. 167 - 266

Mon Aug 3    9 am ET                          Week 3 Overview (15 mins.)

Sat  Aug  8    10 am ET                         Week 3 Hangout  - Ready Player One p. 267 - 372

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Upcoming Livestream

Wed Aug 12   8 pm ET                         Closing Session with Dr. Cynthia Calongne (Lyr Lobo)