WeeK 2 and 3 Dystopian Arcade

These games relate directly to Question 3 of our discussion.

Since you have read 266 pages in the book, what are some of the socioeconomic themes that have been prevalent?

How does this stack up against what you currently see in today's media?

What other dystopian games and literature have you played/read and has there been any hope given at the end?

Jon Spike @Mr_JSpike introduces us to the Dystopian Arcade
which he used for a English class at his high school.

url https://youtu.be/dgV2I57CYu4

Dystopian Arcade Games

 Papers, Please

Game Site

Game Trailer
 Half Life 2

Game Site

Half Life 2 Review - IGN
 Every Day the Same Dream

Game Link
 The Republia Times
Game Link