Welcome! We’re doing a book club. Well, actually it's a Book Club +.


The #Metagame Book Club is an open book club for all educators and students. We’ll be using the hashtag #metagame for Twitter and all tagging in social media. The model for the book club is based on social network knowledge construction. Participating instructors will be able to be active in the book club in several ways from lurking (reading the discussions) to actively creating content. This will be a great opportunity for you as an educator to build your game based learning PLN (Personal Learning Network), learn about games and have some fun!

This book club is focused on "metagaming," or the act of finding and using information beyond the game itself that can influence one's in-game decisions. In the context of education, we will be reading books, articles, websites, and blogs about gaming, or the "metagames" that can influence the way we employ games in education. Topics related to the gamification of education, game-based learning, and game studies will be explored in different offerings of this book club. In addition to reading, you will be invited to play games and come to in-game tours with us. You will be asked to join us in Google Hangouts, in our Google+ Community site, and in our Twitter discussions using the hashtag, #Metagame. We are offering a transmedia experience that crosses multiple platforms, and you get to pick and choose how you want to be involved in the experience that we offer. In order to address the variety of interesting topics, we are offering 2 Reading Concentrations/Tracks:


March 21 - April 12, 2015 Book Club  

Track 1: Sherry Jones will be facilitating scholarly Game Studies readings and discussions of the history and current trends in Interactive Fiction (IF) games.

Track 2: Inevitable Instructors will be facilitating the reading of The Multiplayer Classroom by Lee Sheldon with supplemental reading from the Quantified Self.

To sign up for the March #Metagame Book Club, please go to

Future Book Clubs in 2015

TBD 2015: The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell

If you are interested in the Summer Book Club we ran after the 2014 ISTE conference, please go to Summer 2014 Bookclub.