Games for Change as a Resource

Games 4 Change as a Resource

In April a whole lot of game designers, gamers and even educators descended on New York City not only for the Tribeca Film Fest but also the annual Games for Change Conference. Games for Change (G4C) is not only a festival but is a nonprofit organization for social impact games. Not everyone was able to go (myself included) but that doesn’t mean we can look at the resources.  And that’s exactly what we did over the Games MOOC Hangout. We'll also looked at the Game for Learning Summit that the U.S. Department of Education held in NYC the day prior to G4C.

Here's the Hangout breakout. 

Games 4 Learning Summit Review - Marie Bejerde
Livestream from Games for Learning Summit

Home Again (2014 G4C Winner) – Jon Spike discussant
Livestream from Home Again 1:32:00 – 2:12:00

Never Alone (2015 G4C Winner) – Chris Luchs discussant
G4C15: Manuel Marcano and Brian Upton/Well Played Series: Never Alone livestream

Twine – Sherry Jones
G4C15: Twine: A Tool for Changing Games livestream.

Games 4 Change and the Affective Domain – Kae Novak

G4C Resource Hangout 2015

Hangout Google Document to Resources

This is  the beginning of a discussion that will continue during ISTE 2015 Conference and during the #Metagame Book Club’s reading of Ready Player One in July and August 2015

Further Resources and Links

Games for Learning Summit - Tuesday April 21

Morning Session Recordings (Scroll to bottom recording)

Industry Chat – Michael Gallagher, President and CEO of ESA; Richard Culatta, Director of the Office of Educational Technology, U.S. Department of Education; and Rafranz Davis (Instructional Technologist and Educator)

Keynotes – Jesse Schell and Joseph South 

Teacher as Game Master Yes....exactly what we were discussing for Week 3 out of the Multiplayer Classroom by Lee Sheldon. Jesse Schell mentions it at 25:33 livestream Jesse Schell – Teachers as Dungeon Masters! and then again about 10 minutes later. 

Afternoon Session Recordings (First recording on page)

Wednesday April 22

ArabWorld and Its Digital Now
Zoo U
Nordic Larp
Opening Game Development to the World
Game Pitches
G4C Awards

Thursday April 23

Learning as Fun
Never Alone – G4C Award Winner
Games as Culture
Games and Social Interaction
The Future of Virtual Reality

In Addition to Games for Change

Fragmentation- Impact with Games