June & July: Blockchain!

June - July  2016 (Special Event)

Blockchain, Bitcoin, and .....

ISTE Games and Simulations and Inevitable Instructors will be leading any interested educators through a reading, discussion and virtuous discourse on Blockchain and its possible future in education.

For Summer 2016 book
club, we are reading Don and Alex Tapscott’s The Blockchain Revolution. You can order the book on Amazon or check with your local library to see if they have it ordered.

In June we are doing a deeper dive into the blockchain and bitcoins. If you are interested in that you can start with the  Week 1. If you are here for how blockchain technology may work with education and government we started that in the July portion of the book club. 


June - July 2016

BITCOIN & BLOCKCHAIN                    Week 1, 2, 3     June 1 - June 21

BLOCKCHAIN & EDUCATION             Week 1, 2, 3      July 6 - July 30

Wednesday July 13
Facilitated by Kae Novak and Chris Luchs
Reading and discussing Learning is Earning 2026
Hangout link

Wednesday July 27
Facilitated by Sherry Jones

Reading and discussing The Blockchain and Game Development

BOOK: The Block Chain Revolution: How the Technology Behind the Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business and the World.

To get started, please join our Google+ Community and introduce yourself.

Each Wednesday, we'll have a Google Hangout and offer up a few questions that we will also post in Google+ Community.

If blockchain is a new term  we'd suggest you follow education strategist
Doug Levin @douglevin on twitter or go to his blog  EdTech Strategies.

Audrey Watters has recently also blogged The Blockchain: An Introduction for Education.

We're also covering the recent hack of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization. To unlock the box or unravel the mystery of this and other alt currencies use #alt16 and of course  always start with #metagame.