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Hand-Picked Links To Valuable FREE (AND ALMOST-FREE) Metaphysical Books

The links below are all to external sites and we are not responsible for the content of the sites or the books. The sites and books will contain differing views, teachings and opinions. We do not have time to read all of them or to check all of the content of each site!

Please let us know if any of the links below is not working, or if you would like to suggest other links to free/almost-free books on metaphysical, paranormal, spiritual, religious or personal growth topics.  If you find objectionable content* in any of the material linked to, please report it to us.

Be aware of when a book was written when assessing its views: traditional and historical material can contain sexism, intolerance and certain prejudices which were normal for the time and culture, and those aspects need to be put aside when considering the core spiritual teachings of the book. Similar considerations apply, of course, to literature and to many sacred texts. And some historical material promoting prejudice may be provided in order to aid genuine students of the history of religious intolerance which has been a major cause of human suffering, and from which we must escape if we desire a better and saner world.

Happy and enlightening reading!


*by objectionable content we do not mean things you disagree with or things contrary to your beliefs!  We mean prejudice, hate, offensive sexual content, etc.  We have no reason to think that any of the sites we link to are unsavoury, but there is always a possibility that wrong material can get into a site through hacking, hijacking, sabotage, or unauthorised domain transfer. 

We keep adding many more great sources!

Ashlag Research Institute (ARI) This Kabbalah education site is open to everyone and they have free on-line courses as well as several free kabbalah books by Rav Michael Laitman PhD

The B & R Samizdat Express - huge collections of out of print & classic books on CD and DVD, including collections of religious, occult and philosophy books

The Bible and Interpretation - Dedicated to delivering the latest news, features, editorials, commentary, archaeological interpretation and excavations relevant to the study of the Bible for the public and biblical scholars.

Blavatsky Archives

Bruce McManaway's book "Healing" available free
This out-of-print book by a renowned healer is available as a free download from the Mid-Atlantic Geomancy site

Cyber Library of the International School of Theology, Leadership University. Classic Christian works - not many books and appears last updated in 2002.

Donmeh West - collection of on-line articles and resources from the controversial Neo-Sabbatean Collective of the Internet covering Kabbalah, comparative religion and Jungian spirituality - also streaming lectures on Kabbalah and spiritual topics

Equal Souls
Free text of book "The Rabbi and I" about parallels between Judaism and Hinduism

Free downloads of inspirational books from the Cat's Meow

The Galilean Library An erudite site for study and discussion of philosophy, history and philosophy of science, the arts, literature and humanities. Includes free online courses.

The Gnostic Society Library

Gutenberg Library - search for public domain e-books by author or title. Classic & out-of-print works in many fields. Various religions and traditions are found in the collection, including some Blavatsky, and Baha'i texts.

Hinduism - Free Online Books from Himalayan Academy

Huge collection of free occult, metaphysical and inspirational e-books from Occult Underground

Journal of Kabbalah Studies  - erudite Kabbalah scholarship in French and English

Mark Twain on Christian Science - from the Gutenberg Library, a lesser-known book by Mark Twain  Orthodox Jewish site featuring free illustrated electronic journal (The Jewish Times) and complete archive of back issues on-line. Containing religious discourses and articles. Of interest to Orthodox Jews, students of comparative religion and anyone wanting an insight into Orthodox Jewish thought.

Metaphysical and philosophical free books page at

New Life Mission - free Christian e-books & printed books

New Thought Library

Odyssey of the Soul - hypnosis and metaphysical site by Hugh Harmon Ph.D. and Pamela Chilton C.Ht. featuring the free online edition of Volume I of the metaphysical trilogy "Odyssey of the Soul"

Outreach Judaism - useful site for Jewish Studies, interfaith studies, comparative religion, history of religion, study of anti-Semitism, etc.  Includes long article by an expert on use and misuse of Bible Codes and so-called Jesus Codes, and an on-line copy of Luther's complete work, "Of the Jews and Their Lies" (1543).

 Religion Online - Wonderful source of full texts (books and articles) on religion and theology (mostly Christian but some material on other faiths) recognised by religious scholars. Good selections on comparative religion and social issues.

Religious Tolerance - this site, dedicated to interfaith understanding, tolerance and peace, has more than 4,000 essays on various religious and spiritually-related topics.  The collection of essays is also available on CD. They are having financial problems and would appreciate your donations - so if you value religious freedom and tolerant exchanges of views, they would appreciate a donation or a CD purchase!

Review of Religions
(a journal of comparative religion - back issues available on-line in PDF format) 

Rudolf Steiner Archive - Books Section
Scribd is a general on-line publishing site where anyone can upload and download books and documents on any subject. They have a lot of material covering religions, spirituality, metaphysics, esotericism, holistic health and therapies, and related fields in English and in many other languages. Anyone can upload anything - so beware. Quality varies tremendously and anything goes, from tracts, cult and paranoid conspiracy literature and weird stuff to good books uploaded by authors and a lot of bootlegged stuff, some very badly OCRd and unedited so many words are turned into gibberish. Some commerical material such as catalogues and prospectuses can be found there too. Best for finding copies of old public domain material and new works offered to the public domain, also some scholarly papers and articles. OUR WARNING  This is a file-sharing site so take care! Do not breach copyright!

Spiritual book download/share portal from Esnips

Spiritualist Books - free downloads from National Spiritualists' Union

Sufi and mystical literature - free downloads

Superb spiritual library of channeled texts, spiritualism & allied topics from

The Unofficial Infinite Way - Writings by Joel S. Goldsmith on a personal site.

Wandering Bishops (free book from

Webspirit - a New Age information site featuring various free e-books

Weejee's Free Metaphysical Library - many free New Age, occult, psychological and metaphysical ebooks and also ebooks on healing various ailments.

Works of Sathya Sai Baba /  Agni Yoga Series

World Public Library - "The World eBook Library Consortia Collection shelves more than 500,000+ PDF eBooks in 100+ languages. The World Public Library Consortia contains 125 of the finest eBook and eDocument collections published on the Internet today. The mission of the World Public Library's Acquisition Department is to add new eBooks 24/7 to our shelves."   Specialist collections include Blackmask (covering all subjects including esoteric/metaphysical); Asian Classics Input Project; BuddhaNet(tm); CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts Collection; Center on Religion and Democracy, University of Virginia; Christian Classics Ethereal Library; Classic Chinese Literature Collection; Center For World Indigenous Studies  (CWIS); Etana: Ancient Near Eastern Archives; Himalayan Academy Sacred Hindu Literature Collection; Islamic eBook Collection; Sacred Religious Text Collection; Swami Center Collection: Divine Way of Spiritual Heart: Modern Hesychasm. [This list of special collections compiled by Metafizbooks from the WPL website]

WWW Virtual Library - Religion section. Contains material on Religion, Buddhist Studies, Pure Land Buddhism, Taoism, Tibetan Religious and Cultural Centres, Zen Buddhism

WWW Virtual Library - Indigenous Studies section (including Traditional Medicine)

Yoga - free books from

Reprints of scarce traditional Literature (not free)

The B & R Samizdat Express - huge collections of out of print & classic books on CD and DVD, including collections of religious, occult, philosophy and americana books at extremely low prices

Kessinger Publishing (reprints of rare and classical occult and spiritual books)

Munseys - thousands of rare books in various ebook formats, including esoteric, religion, philosophy, and folklore categories to download. [As at October 2007, the site is still under construction and appears to be funded by donations.]