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Mission and Core Beliefs


Our mission is to unite Massachusetts PK-12 educational technology administrators - public, private, independent, charter, parochial - into one professional association for the purpose of advocating for and supporting the vision, policies, practices, and funding for historical, current, and cutting edge technology within all aspects of teaching, learning, and professional productivity.

Core Beliefs

  • The primary challenge we face in using technology effectively is human.
  • Technology is a critical tool to personalize learning and overcome barriers of time and space for each learner.
  • Equitable and ubiquitous access to technology is a necessity.
  • The effective use of technology for the systemic transformation of learning cannot occur without strong organization, leadership, and vision.
  • Technological fluency allows our children to be prepared for the world of today and tomorrow.
  • Technology enables innovation in our educational systems, resulting in greater efficiencies and productivity.
  • To maximize the benefits of technology solutions the district technology leader should be part of the executive leadership team (CTO, CIO, etc.) of the education organization.
  • Global connections are vital to transforming the education process and improving learning.