The Messiah
El Dorado Stake Production/Sing-a-long
December 11, 2011

3431 Hacienda Rd
Cameron Park, CA 95682

Practices Sundays 7 - 8:30

Synopsis to Handel's Messiah

During the time of Handel, operas and oratorios were the most popular entertainment. Like today’s movies and television shows, they charmed audiences with exciting stories of epic heroes who battled overwhelming odds to either their triumph or tragic failure. (The only differences between the two musical forms were that oratorios were usually performed in concert, rather than with acting and scenery, and their stories were usually drawn from the Bible.) Handel’s Messiah is unique in that its entire text is taken word-for-word from the Bible. From the very first notes of its Overture, Messiah traces the story of Jesus Christ from the need for a Savior from the fall of man to His triumphant return at the end of days. As one of the most popular musical works ever composed, it is a testament to the conviction of centuries of Christians who have kept this stirring declaration of their faith alive.

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Messiah Practice Tracks 

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