Trajectories and hardcoded pointers

Trajectory Format:


FF = end.


A few trajectories found in the ROM:

Checksum area (shared?): 0xED6CC -- ??
                                                   0xED61D -- ??
                                                    0xED7B8 -- ??


Inside Castle: 0xE84A07 - 00 to 05 (0x78F00)
               0xE84A32 - 00 to 06 (0x78F2B)
               0xE84A6B - 00 to 04 (0x78F64)
               [... there's a few more, maybe used by MIPS the rabbit?]

  Bank 0x07 Start: 0xE0BB07

[Read inside Castle]
  802B9EB0: LUI A0, 0x0707
  802B9EB4: JAL 0x80277F50 <-- Returns the absolute memory addres for the segmented memory pointer (at V0)
  802B9EB8: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x768C [ ToDo: Look into Inside Castle bank for this]

  802B9ECC: LUI A0, 0x0707
  802B9ED0: JAL 0x80277F50
  802B9ED4: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x75B4 <-- Other type of data (not trajectory)


Bob-omb-Battlefield: 0xF023FB - Metal Balls on the Mountain -- 00 to 0x1A
                     [Relative: 0x115C4]

802EEAF4: LUI A0, 0x0701
802EEAF8: JAL 0x80277F50
802EEAFC: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x15C4

Rainbow Ride: 0xFBF411 - One of the flying carpets
              (0x2EA80)  [pointer in checksum]
              [... there's a lot more] One of them = 0x2EB04 ??

Bowser Fire Sea: 0x1021523 -- First platform on tracks? (0x159AC) [pointer in checksum at 0xED9E8)

Lethal Lava Land: 0x108077F -- Probably moving platform on area 2 (0x284DC) [Pointer at 0x0ED9F0]
                  0x1080874 -- Another moving platform on area (0x285D0) [Pointer at 0xED9F4]

Tall Tall Mountain: Ukiki (To Do: find offsets)

802D2178: LUI A0, 0x0700
802D217C: JAL 0x80277F50
802D2180: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x4930

802D21A8: LUI A0, 0x0701
802D21AC: JAL 0x80277F50
802D21B0: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x6840

802D21C0: LUI A0, 0x0701
802D21C4: JAL 0x80277F50
802D21C8: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x6904

802D7BA0: LUI A0, 0x0701
802D7BA4: JAL 0x80277F50
802D7BA8: ADDIU A0, A0, 0xABD0

802D7EB8: LUI A0, 0x0701
802D7EBC: JAL 0x80277F50
802D7EC0: ADDIU A0, A0, 0xB840

802DAE18: LUI T3, 0x0701
802DAE1C: ADDIU T3, T3, 0xEA58
802DAE20: SW T3, 0x0004 (T4)

802DAFA8: LUI T8, 0x0701
802DAFAC: ADDIU T8, T8, 0xF2E8
802DAFB0: SW T8, 0x0004 (T9)

802EEAB4: LUI A0, 0x0701
802EEAB8: JAL 0x80277F50
802EEABC: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x1530 <--- Metal Ball Trajecory 1

802EEAD4: LUI A0, 0x0701
802EEAD8: JAL 0x80277F50
802EEADC: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x70A0 <-- Also Metal Ball (other level, maybe Tiny-Huge Island?)

802EEAF4: LUI A0, 0x0701
802EEAF8: JAL 0x80277F50
802EEAFC: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x15C4 <--- Metal Ball Trajecory 3

802F0C9C: LUI A0, 0x0701
802F0CA0: JAL 0x80277F50
802F0CA4: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x65A8

80306F9C: LUI A0, 0x0701
80306FA0: JAL 0x80277F50
80306FA4: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x6904

8030A1E0: LUI A0, 0x0701
8030A1E4: JAL 0x80277F50
8030A1E8: ADDIU A0, A0, 0xD20C

8030A238: LUI A0, 0x0701
8030A23C: JAL 0x80277F50
8030A240: ADDIU A0, A0, 0xD240

802B19E4: LUI A1, 0x0702
802B19E8: ADDIU A1, A1, 0x8528
802B19EC: JAL 0x802A44F4

802D0DF0: LUI V0, 0x0702
802D0DF4: BEQ R0, R0, 0x802D0F20
802D0DF8: ADDIU V0, V0, 0x6E24

802D0DFC: LUI V0, 0x0702
802D0E00: BEQ R0, R0, 0x802D0F20
802D0E04: ADDIU V0, V0, 0x6E34

802D1168: ADDIU AT, R0, 0x0702
802D116C: LW T9, 0x0018 (T8)

802D253C: LUI A0, 0x0702
802D2540: JAL 0x80277F50
802D2544: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x9080

802D2734: LUI T7, 0x0702
802D2738: ADDIU T7, T7, 0x9128

802D278C: LUI T8, 0x0702
802D2790: ADDIU T8, T8, 0x9198

802D27E8: LUI T3, 0x0702
802D27EC: ADDIU T3, T3, 0x9198

802D27E8: LUI T3, 0x0702
802D27EC: ADDIU T3, T3, 0x9198

802D2974: LUI T3, 0x0702
802D2978: ADDIU T3, T3, 0x6400

80311A6C: LUI A0, 0x0702
80311A70: JAL 0x80277F50
80311A74: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x3604

8024E038: LUI A0, 0x0301
8024E03C: JAL 0x80277F50
8024E040: ADDIU A0, A0, 0x9AC8