Misc hacks

This is a collection of previously unreleased 'side' hacks (except for Slide Battlefield) I've  produced in the last months:

- Slide battlefield
- Play as peach in Bob-omb
- Bowser in Bob-omb
- Bowser in Bob-omb (2)
- Rainbow Road in Mario 64
- Water SMB1 Theme in Jolly Roger Bay
- Squishable Mushroom Platforms
- Custom Title Screen

Download Link

All hacks are  in the .ppf Playstation Patch  format and must be applied in an  extended  Mario 64 US ROM  without Flatworld Battlefield  enabled.

If you want to  open them in Toad's Tool v0.5.98b, you'll have to delete the M64GeometryDataFlat.m64 before  opening each hack in order  to force
the polygon decoding process. This  is  necessary otherwise  TT64 won't recognize the changes in the level geometry. For the Rainbow Road patch,
you'll have to delete the M64GeometryData.m64 file instead.

If you want to restore your original geometry files, just delete the two .m64 files and open a clean extended ROM.

Newer versions of TT64 don't require this.

Some patches will also require that you disable CRC checking from Toad'sTool 64 preferences menu.

Fernando Rauber,
8 de jan de 2011 06:07