List of behaviors for custom solid objects

Breakable When hit by a Cannon (0x624 or 0x638) <-- 0x624 is a alternate using 0x04 jump.

Clock-like rotation (0x6E0) <-- Clock-like Rotation on the "Y" axis.

Door Behavior (0xB0C) <-- (Animation is on a shared bank [0x03], so that's safe)

Grindel-like Behavior (0xB58)

Twomp-like Behavior (0xB8C or 0xBc8)

Moving & Solid Behav (0xCFC) <-- When you step on it, it goes down until it hits the ground and then gradually
ascend to its initial position.

Elevator (0xD30) <-- Sort like the previous one. Should be tested a bit more before including it.

Tilting Platform (0x1030) <-- Works nice

Squishable Platforms (0x1064) <-- As used in Bowser's Fire Sea. Works better with very big objects.

Rotation 2 (0x10D8) <-- Not only rotates but also produces fire

"Unused" (0x1340) <-- Elevator-like movement

"Unused" (0x15E4) <-- Very cool, pound it to destroy and produces some "fireworks" . Can't remember where this is
used in the game.

"Unused" (0x1B88) <-- 180 degrees "X" rotation, stops for a second, 180 degrees "X" rotation.

Rotating CCW (0x1D14) <-- Better than 0x10D8 as it doesn't produces fire.

Sinks When Stepping on it (0x1D40) <-- Sinks just a little bit.

Moving Horizontally (0x1D78) <-- Move a bit, then return. Also sinks a bit. Probably best used on water/lava.

Rotating CW With Fire Bars (0x1DA8) <-- Similar to 0x10D8, but the fire is continuous and on both sides of the

"Unused" (0x1E04) <-- Floating on water/Lava. This is a sub-object created by the "Floating Wood Bridge" behavior
(0x1E30), but works on its own as a "floating behavior".

Rotation Around Y Axis (0x1E6C) <-- A bit faster than the "Clock" rotation.

Sinking in Lava (0x1E94) <-- Almost the same as the Sinking Platform behavior.

Tilting Inverted Pyramid (0x1EF8) <-- Good tilting effect for most objects.

Tox Box (0x1F90) <-- Rotation data is stored in the checksum area, so it works on all levels.

Platform Swivel 2 (0x2194) <-- Falls very quickly, stops for a few seconds and return to original position.

Elevator (0x28CC) <-- Can't remember where this is used in the game, but it produces a tilting in X axis effect.

Elevator (0x292C) <-- Like Swivel 2, but a bit slower.

Rotating Merry-Go-Round (0x2968) <-- Rotates Slowly around Y axis

"Unused" (0x38E8) <-- Rotates 45 degrees around Z axis.

Moving Back & Forth 1 (0x3910) <-- As used in Twomp's Fortress. Works very well!

Spindel Behavior (0x3B00) <-- This one is quite fun .

Moving Up And Down (0x3B30) <-- Moves up and down in a somewhat restricted amplitude. [Olhar ASM]

Pyramid Elevator (0x3B60) <-- Like other elevators, however this doesn't seem to return to its original position.

Pitoune 2 (0x3F40) <-- Used in the Rolling Log.

Unknown (0x3F78) <-- Rotates (falls) 90 degrees around Z axis. Not a friendly behavior .

Pitoune (0x3FA4) <-- Can't tell the difference from Pitoune 2.

Arrow Lift Behavior (0x4314) <-- Just boves back and forth?

Poundable (0x481C) <-- It works. Careful because there is a 0x32 scaling in its behavior. When pounded 3 times, a
sound will play

Clock Pendulum Behavior (0x4C24) <-- Oscilates.

Sliding Platform (0x4C94) <-- Slides in a aggressive pattern.

Clock Platform Behavior (0x4D28) <-- Goes up and Down) [Olhar ASM: 80307B58)

Clock Main Rotation (0x4D64) <-- Rotates very slowly a few degrees each time, like a clock

Rotating Clock Platform (0x4D90) <-- Rotates around "X" axis

Grindel Behavior (0x525C) <-- Naked agression!

Pendulum-like Movement (0x54B8) <-- Similar to 0x4C24

"Unused" (0x5504) <-- Falls a bit, then explode. Where is this used?!