Collision commands/functions

Terrain collision data is loaded by the level script 0x2E command.

During the level loading process, each one of the collision commands is processed by 0x80383068 (check proc0x80383068 in Cellar
Dweller's notes).

During the game, the 0x802507FC function seems to process collision events.

One of the first things calculated in most collision commands is how far you are from the ground. When you are near enough,
a special event is triggered.

List of known collision commands

Mario gets a Divine Hand: creating a new collision routine (Gameshark code)

Collision command 0x01 disassembly (Lava)

Collision command 0x0A disassembly (Death at bottom) (0x802505C8)

Collision command 0x33 disassembly (Princess Slide Starting Line)

Collision command 0x34 disassembly (Princess Slide Finishing Line) (0x80250778)