Guide to appear offline on messenger


is a free app for messaging and chatting on mobile phones provided in the market. This is an application separated from the largest social network in the world today, Facebook. Despite only being launched 4 years ago, the number of people using this app has been up to more than 1 billion and it is constantly increasing day by day. This is a recent great progress of this application.

Messenger has always been renovated and updated a lot of interesting features which users can clearly recognize when using. For example, recently users can know the latest time someone online and previous activities. So if you do not want others to see your statuses you can choose the offline mode to avoid being disturbed.

How to appear offline on messenger

Firstly, start the application on your phones. On the main screen, choose “People” at the bottom right corner of the screen

In here will you see the screen shown in two parts: all and active. Click on the active and swipe right to turn off the online mode.

If you want to turn off this mode on your computer, click on the settings with the serrated wheel icon in the chat and click on “turn off chat”.

You will see a window displayed and click on “Turn off chat for all contacts” and then “Okay”

Now you can easily turn off the online mode on messenger. Is this helpful to you? Let us know.