Grau du Roi, Elvis or B.B.?

The world changes about myself. I never move really. This is what I see on the Island of I. 

 Grau du Roi, FRANCE: One day I woke up and everything had changed again. I was lucky enough not to move and this is what I saw. Today, masts poke skies almost inadvertedly. No wonder they are bruised grey. Don't worry, the sun will heal them soon. Skies never stay hurt for very long. Masts will blossom too. The wind will wind up boats and they will go like mechanical ducks in a fête foraine. It always happens like this on the Island of I.

Grau du Roi up close Grau du Roi by the bridge Grau du Roi has a bird

Grau du Roi what a sky Grau du Roi birds have to feed