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Older Girls

Older girls are always welcome in Girl Scouts.  There are many benefits available to 6th graders through 12th graders.  There are two different awards that the girls can earn.  6th graders through 8th graders can earn their Silver Award.  High school girls can earn their Gold Award.  The Gold Award is a very prestigious award for girls to earn.  Colleges look very favorably at Gold Award winners, so it helps with college admissions.  There is a Girl Scout scholarship awarded to Gold Award girls.  Companies recognize the importance and prestige of the Gold Award. 
Travel opportunities abound for girls 6th grade and above.  They can travel with their troop or they can travel with Girl Scout employees on trips throughout the United States and also to other countries. 
Camp is also a wonderful experience especially for the older girls.  They can attend day camps, summer camps, troop campouts, and council campouts.  The Girl Scout campgrounds are a wonderful bounty of nature and knowledge.  Girls will learn about how to care for our world and to leave the camp "better than how they found it."  They will learn to "leave no footprints."  They will learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), which are the careers of the future.  The campgrounds have various outdoor activities to offer the girls such as horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, cooking on a campfire, archery, and much, much more. 
The Tejas Riders is another way for girls to belong to Girl Scouts.  They are a horseback riding group that learns all about the care and handling of horses.  They learn how to properly ride and do stunts.  They even make appearances at the Mesquite Rodeo. 
So, if you are an older girl or the parent of an older girl you can see that Girl Scouts is not just about the little girls.  It is a very valuable organization for older girls also.  They will come out of Girl Scouts as strong, confident young women who have the ability and skills learned to become leaders in the world.  They will also learn a love of our world and how to properly respect and take care of it. 
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