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Form Factor Workshop 2012

Workshop on Meson Transition Form Factors
May 29-30, 2012 in Cracow, Poland
immediately before (and co-located with) the biennial conference "MESON 2012"

The goal of the workshop has been to discuss results and plans for experimental and theoretical studies of meson transition form factors. These are of interest because of a possible relation of such form factors to the models used for the calculations of the hadronic light-by-light contribution to muon g-2 as well as for various theoretical models describing low-energy meson physics.

We have invited experimentalists and theorists interested in

  • radiative, Dalitz and conversion decays of vector and pseudoscalar mesons
  • two-photon production of resonances
  • rare leptonic decays of mesons
  • Primakoff effect
  • other closely related topics

The organizers,

E. Czerwinski, S. Eidelman, C.Hanhart, A.Kupsc, S.Leupold, P. Moskal, and S.Schadmand.

The mini-proceedings are found at arXiv:1207.6556 [hep-ph]

Find the pdf file of the workshop poster here.

Scientific Program:


A.E. Dorokhov (JINR, Dubna) (talk not delivered): Light pseudoscalar meson decays into lepton pair (Window to New Physics?)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

08:30    Prof. Boguslaw Kamys (Head of the Nuclear Physics Division): welcome

08:35    Andrzej Kupsc:    opening
08:50    Fred Jegerlehner:     Muon (g-2) from tau and e+e- data
09:25    Karl Jansen:     Hadronic Vacuum Polarization Contribution to g-2 on the Lattice
10:00    Maurice Benayoun:    Confronting the scan, ISR and tau dipion spectra within a global model

10:35 coffee break

11:10    Simon Eidelman:     Overview of the MTF Meeting
11:20    Himani Bhatt:     Light Meson Decays with WASA-at-COSY
11:45    Elisabetta Prencipe:     Recent results and perspectives on pseudo-scalar mesons and form factors at BESIII
12:10    Vladimir Druzhinin:     Measurements of the photon-meson transition form factors (BaBar)
12:35    Sadaharu Uehara:     Measurement of gamma gamma* --> pi0 transition form factor at Belle

13:15 lunch

14:45    Christian S. Fischer:    Form factors and hadronic contributions to g-2 from Dyson-Schwinger equations
15:25    Bogdan Malaescu:    Hadronic contributions to (g-2)_mu from e+e- annihilations and tau decays
15:55    Andreas Nyffeler:     Hadronic light-by-light scattering in the muon g-2: impact of transition form factor measurements
16:25    Kevin Engel:    Charged pion contribution to light-by-light and the muon g-2

16:55 coffee break

17:20    Matteo Mascolo:    Pseudoscalar Transition Form Factors at KLOE-2 & BGO-OD
17:50    Marc Unverzagt:    Meson Decays with Crystal Ball at MAMI
18:15    Simon Eidelman:    Transition Form Factors from CMD-2/CMD-3
18:45    Leonid Kardapoltsev:    Study of the Process e+e-→ωπ0 →π0 π0 γ in c.m. Energy Range 1.05-2.0 GeV at SND

end 19:00

social dinner Tue 29.05. ~21:00,
Ariel restaurant, Szeroka Street 18
approx 20min on foot from Main Market


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

08:30    Witold Przygoda:    Transition Form Factors with HADES
09:10    Vladimir Savinov:    Some Comments on CLEO Results and their Interpretation
09:40    Christoph Hanhart:    A new Parameterization of the pion Vector Form Factor
10:10    Jose R. Pelaez:    High accuray pion phase shifts and light scalar mesons
(10:45    workshop photo)
10:55    Martin Hoferichter:    Roy-Steiner equations for gamma gamma->pi pi

11:20-11:40 coffee break

11:40    Peter Stoffer:    A dispersive treatment of K_l4 decays
12:15    Andreas Wirzba:    eta(')-> pi pi gamma - A model-independent approach
12:45    Sebastian Schneider:     omega-pi0 and phi-pi0 transition form factors
13:15    Pere Masjuan:    A rational approach to meson transition form factors

14:00 lunch

15:30    Sergiy Ivashyn:    Radiative transitions of vector mesons
16:10    Carla Terschluesen:    Decays with Vector Mesons
16:45    Leonard Lesniak:    Meson form factors in amplitudes for three-body B decays

17:15 coffee break

17:45    Karol Kampf:    chiPT calculations of form factors
18:15    Nikolaos Stefanis:    Pion-photon transition form factor at the crossroads
18:45    closing discussion
19:35    Andrzej Kupsc: closing