Mesolithic in Europe Conferences

This event dedicated to the research of the European Mesolithic was first held in Warsaw in 1973 and has since then attracted a continuously growing number of participants and has - since 1985 - been held every five years. Below there is information about the conferences, it's publication and attendees.

Photograph of the attendees of
 the 9th Conference on the Mesolithic at Lepenski Vir (

9th Conference, Belgrade, Serbia (14-18 September 2015)
  • Proceedings: forthcoming

8th Conference: Santander, Spain (13-17 September 2010)
  • Proceedings: forthcoming

7th Conference: Belfast, Northern Ireland (29 August-2 September 2005)
  • Proceedings: S. McCartan, R. Schulting, G. Warren and P. Woodman (Eds.) (2009) Mesolithic Horizons. Papers presented at the Seventh International Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, Belfast 2005. Oxford: Oxbow books.

6th Conference: Stockholm, Sweden (4-8 September 2000)

  • Proceedings: L. Larsson, H. Kindgren, K. Knutson, D. Loeffler and A. Åkerlund (Eds.) (2003) Mesolithic on the Move. Papers presented at the sixth international conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, Stockholm 2000. Oxford: Oxbow books.

5th Conference: Grenoble, France (18-23 September 1995)

  • Proceedings: A. Thevenin (Ed.) (1999) L'Europe des derniers Chasseurs. Épipaléolithique et Mésolithique. Actes du 5ième colloque international UISPP, Commission XII. Grenoble, 18-23 septembre 1995. Paris.

4th Conference: Leuven, Belgium (17-23 September 1990)

  • Proceedings: P.M. Vermeersch and Ph. Van Peer (Eds.) (1990) Contributions to the Mesolithic in Europe. Papers presented at the fourth international symposium "The Mesolithic in Europe", Leuven 1990, Studia Praehistorica Belgica 5. Leuven 1990.

3rd Conference: Edinburgh, Scotland (31 March-6 April 1985)

  • Proceedings: C. Bonsall (Ed.) (1989) The Mesolithic in Europe. Papers presented at the third international symposium Edinburgh 1985. Edinburgh: John Donald Publishers Ltd.

2nd Conference: Potsdam, Germany (3-8 April 1978)

  • Proceedings: B. Gramsch (Ed.) (1981) Mesolithikum in Europa. 2. internationales Symposium Potsdam, 3. bis 8. April 1978. Veröffentlichungen des Museums für Ur- und Frühgeschichte Potsdam 14/15. Berlin 1981.

1st Conference: Warsaw, Poland (7-12 May 1973)

  • Proceedings: S. K. Koslowski, S. Wierzbicka-Pawlowsk and K. Zglecki (Eds.) (1973) The Mesolithic in Europe. Papers read at the international symposium on the Mesolithic in Europe. Warsaw, May 7-12, 1973. Warsaw.