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Mesolithic Miscellany is the only serial publication dedicated to the archaeology of Mesolithic Europe. It is, and has always been community-led and responded to the needs of Mesolithic scholars.

Mesolithic Miscellany was set up in 1980 by T. Douglas Price, University of Wisconsin. It was a newsletter, published twice-a-year, that aimed to include virtually any information of relevance to the European Mesolithic.

It began with 69 subscribers and 20 pages and was collated, copied, and sent out by hand.
Now it has nearly 750 members on the mailing list and the last issue (21.1) was 68 pages long!

If you have any stories about the development of Mesolithic Miscellany please get in touch.

Mesolithic Miscellany Editors


 T. Douglas Price
 University of Wisconsin


 T. Douglas Price and
 Clive Bonsall
 University of Wisconsin
 University of Edinburgh


 Clive Bonsall

 University of Edinburgh


 Nicky Milner

 University of York

The original run

Mesolithic Miscellany was set up following discussions at the Mesolithic conference at Potsdam in 1978. It was attached to the UISPP/IUPPS until 1987.
The subscriber list continued to grow and, despite fluctuations in the quantity of content, MM flourished. Many important, and speedy, reports from excavations were published in MM along with regional summaries, conference reports and more light-hearted pieces.

Unfortunately, in 1996 MM stopped publishing for a number of complex reasons.

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