Developing a Mesolithic Research and Conservation Framework is an English Heritage funded project to update the archaeology community’s priorities for future research into the period.

The three phases of the project comprise:
  • A resource assessment
  • A research agenda and
  • The research framework itself. 
The final output will be housed on the Archaeological Data Service webpages which will also act as a hub for Mesolithic information.

The framework is designed to represent the state of Mesolithic research and understanding today, and to inform future decisions, be it in identifying significant museum collections, deploying resources in a developer-led context, or to ensure that archaeological research deriving from all sectors has currency.

The project is now nearing its completion. The Framework is about to be printed and the Archaeological Data Service website is under construction. More information on this will be available as soon as it has been completed.

Project Manager: Ed Blinkhorn
Ed has worked in commercial and academic archaeology since 2002 and has recently completed a PhD at the University of York entitled 'The Mesolithic and the Planning Process in England' in which aspects of methodology, communication and material remains recovered in developer-led conditions was explored.

Project Executive: Nicky Milner
Nicky has worked at the University of York since 2004 where she has set up the only masters course focusing on the Mesolithic in the country. She has excavated a number of Mesolithic sites including Howick and, more recently, Star Carr, and has appeared on various TV and radio programmes as an expert on the Mesolithic.

The project is funded by English Heritage and hosted by the University of York Department of Archaeology