A number of our members teach through scheduled classes and workshops or mentor on an individual basis  in various weaving techniques. Check the list below and email them through our guild email  [ mesillavalleyweavers@gmail.com ] or if you are a member, you can contact them directly using the information in the Member Directory. 
Classes and Workshops:
    Triangle Loom Weaving: Nancy C Anderson
    General Weaving Questions:  Sharon Rooney    
    Coiled basketry with weaving fibers: Lin Keeling
    Design/color questions: Lin Keeling
    Twills: Lin Keeling
    Warping back to front: Lin Keeling
    Overshot weaving: Sharon Rooney
    Basic Spinning: Sharon Rooney
    Tapestry Weaving: Linda Giesen
    Large library of weaving books: Sharon Rooney