Monthly Meetings

Our meetings are held at the Branigan Cultural Center, 501 N. Main, starting at 10 a.m. with a social time beginning at 9:30 a.m.  The public is welcome.

Due to COVID-19 social distancing, all Guild Meetings have been cancelled until further notice. The Guild is currently on summer hiatus until September 2020. 

Please check this website for updates on any planned fall meetings.

Past Meetings

February 18, 2020

Serena Jumbo Medelez, Navajo Weaver

Toadlena, New Mexico is on the northwestern edge of New Mexico - close to the Arizona border.  The weavers of Toadlena/Two Grey Hills preferred the natural colors of wool produced by their sheep, blending them together by a process called "carding".  This produced a broad range of natural hues - black, gray, beige, brown, cream and white. This distinguished their weavings from other Navajo weavings.

Julia Jumbo was a Toadlena master weaver.  Per Mark Winter, author of "The Master Weavers", the clarity in the precision of her designs were unmatched by any other weaver in the region. Her lines were straight and true. Young Serena Jumbo grew up sitting along side her mother quietly watching her weave.  Serena's first rug, started at the age of ten, was on the loom for three years.  It took that long because she attended school during the week and tended sheep and goats on the weekends.

Serena Jumbo Medelez lives in Las Cruces today - away from Toadlena, NM, where she spent most of her life on the reservation. She weaves on a vertical loom similar to those used by her ancestors for countless of generations, in the Two Grey Hills style of tapestry.

At our February Guild meeting, Serena will talk to us about growing up amidst a family of master Navajo weavers.  She will talk about farming and ranching as part of the traditional Navajo way of life. She will talk about Navajo weaving, and will give us a demonstration on carding and spinning wool the Navajo way.

January 21, 2020

Wissa Wasef Art Centre

Julia and Marty Ortman will present a program on their residency in Egypt in 2000 where they lived on the grounds of the Wissa Wasef Art Centre near the Pyramids of Giza for three and a half years. They will talk about the art centre and show us tapestry work that they purchased there. This will be a fascinating inside look at the making of these tapestries. Visit this link to see a few photos from their presentation and find links to short videos of the dyeing and weaving processes at the Wissa Wasef Art Centre. 

2019 Meetings

December 18

    Guild Potluck

    Jan Thune will present a program about her recent Artist in Residency stay in Australia. Bring a dish and share great food. Show and tell following Jan's talk. The potluck will be held at the Boulders on the Green clubhouse beginning at 10 a.m. Note the date is Wednesday the 18th, not our usual Tuesday and we're not meeting at our usual venue.

November 19

    Navajo Weaving 
    LuAnn Kilday, recently returned from her Navajo weaving workshop, and LuAnn McConnell, a spinner and a weaver, will be doing a program of compare and contrast, based on their working with different Navajo weavers.

October 15
    Drafting Basics

Lin Keeling will present a program that will include the basics of drafting, a drafting software overview, hands on activities and an open forum. (handout available here). The program will be followed by our usual show and tell, so please bring your newly created items to the meeting.

September 17

     Show & Tell Program 

Bring your show and tell items that you have created over the summer. And remember to bring your pieces to submit for consideration at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum Show.