Dee Knudson

Dee grew up in Southwest Iowa where it was common for a person to excel in some creative endeavor.  She watched with pride as her grandmother wove rugs at her loom and her mother hand quilted.  After her marriage to Jerry Knudson, they located in Lincoln, Nebraska along with two children, Todd and Tracy.  Her career was in travel and with a friend opened one of the first women only owned travel agencies in 1975.  There was great support from the community and the business thrived but left little time for developing creative art skills.  It wasn’t until retiring and moving to Las Cruces did she start dabbling in different creative areas.

One day on the tennis court, a friend Jan Harrison brought a basket she had woven.  Jan was ask if she would teach a few of the tennis gals to make “A” basket.  Little did any of them know what kind of world that would open up  for those attending Jan’s workshop. Along with a book of techniques by nationally known weaver Flo Hoppe it developed into weavings using many different techniques and textures to create not only basket forms but objects of diversity which are purely sculptural and non traditional vessels.  With an endless array of materials, it opens a virtual limitless variation for creativity.

Artist Statement :

I have always been interested in organizing and new adventure.  Weaving with reed seems to incorporate that for me.  I like to experiment with different techniques for the effect and different materials for the texture.  Most often the weaving turns out different than what I had imagined at the start.  It is as if the piece is leading me to the finish.  I have attended several workshops given by some very talented artists.  I wish to continue to be inspired with new approaches and diversity  in this most enduring craft.