Instead of the traditional roles of president, secretary, treasurer etc, we have a leadership team with individuals focusing on different management roles within the guild. This leadership team meets three times a year: August, January and May.  Any questions relating to the different areas of our guild's activities can be directed to the individuals in charge of that area by emailing them through our guild Put the individuals names or the management area in the subject line and the email will be forwarded to them. You can also phone them directly using the phone number listed for them in our membership list [emailed to members twice a year].
Our leadership team:

Cathy Baumgartner
Lynn Breckenridge
Nancy J. Anderson
Sharon Rooney
Finances/ Membership:
Sharon Rooney
Lynn Breckenridge [newsletter, email, publicity - Las Cruces]
Jan Severson [Website]
Cathy Baumgartner [publicity]

Cathy Baumgartner

Nancy J. Anderson
Program Planning:
Linda Giesen, Jan Thune, Nancy Ann Warner, Cathy Baumgartner, Joan Russell McMullen
Advisor:  John Garrett

Program Chairs:
Fall      [Sep, Oct]: 
Winter [Nov, Dec]: 
Spring [Jan, Feb]: 

Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Workshop - Oct 2017
       Linda Giesen, Lynn Breckenridge, Joan Russell McMullen, Cathy Baumgartner