This will be the center information page for my woodworking hobbies including all parts of it - turning, carving and carpentry.

Woodturning - I started with woodturning a little less than a year ago, after an unpleasant accident involving an attempt to carve a chess set using a utility knife. I investigated on the internet found many resources, and once I was sure this was something I want to try for myself, I found a teacher here in Israel - Eli Avisera a master woodturner, and did a beginner course. Bought a lathe and equipment and began making shavings and dust....

Carving - since I was a little kid I liked working with wood, I mostly used a knife to do basic whittling (I didn't even know that was the name). Until this day I find this a most relaxing pastime, and something that lays my mind at rest from all its worries.

Carpentry - this is what you'd call a future hobby in the making. Obviously when one starts learning a trade he is attracted to all the different aspects of it - I have yet to build a piece of furniture but I'm getting close to having the required tools for the job. One day I'll build a nice box.

My Shop - this is where I practice my hobby - although some of it (collecting wood, carving) can happen outside, this is the center of all things... as long as no one steals my stuff.

You can read more about my woodworking hobby here and here (in hebrew)

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My first bowl (carob)

letter opener (poplar?)

Driedel (spining top)

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