Moshe Eshel - All that I do...

I try to do as many things as I can accomplish... but usualy it seems like I don't dedicate enough time for each thing I do - excpet work - that I give all the alloted time simply because I have no other option. I wish I didn't need to work!

In this website I'll talk about all the things I love and do, and try to give information that will help other people who are interested (maybe you are?) in each topic. I'm no expert, but sometimes even simple people can be of help.

I live with my lovely wife Tili and daughter Mia (see Mia's blog) in a small village called Gimzo (offical site), which is located near the Ben Gurion Int'l airport in Israel.

My Interests are (currently):

Woodworking in general (Woodturning in particular)
Metal Working and Spining (not doing anything about that yet, just reading)
Computers and Technology
Programming / Software Engineering
Reading (Sci-Fi, Biographies, Actualy any interesting book)
Music (mainly Jazz, but also Rock and others)
My Family

My Other websites:
Personal Site - which is sort of a mirror of this site - don't have to visit both.
My blog
Mia's blog
My woodturning blog - בלוג החריטה שלי

Created by me (but not mine): - an Israeli band that plays Greek (not geek) music, my wife sings with them from time to time. - my woodturning mentor, great guy and does unbelievable stuff. - not my design anymore, but still I registered the domain... - The Israeli woodworking site - a site I'm creating with some friends to promote and share woodworking in Israel.