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On this page you will have two alphabetized lists to choose from.  When you scroll down and see Xtra the alphabet starts all over again.  The second list is links that we use for fun and rainy indoor recess days.

Kids Safe Search Engines to use: 10 Search Engines suitable for Children

NHWi 5th grade students go to the Seashore each year.

This is an adventure that they will remember for their lifetime. Click here for more information
Click on the Need Collaborative website to see more.

The following are the NHWi Sea Shore trip dates for 2017  -  2018

      Renzi:    September 25- 29, 2017
          Koumantzelis:  October 16 - 20,2017
                Somes:  November 13 - 17, 2017
                    Fournier:   December 4 - 8, 2017
                          Hennessey:  December 18 - 22, 2017    
                               Neter:  January 8 - 12, 2018
                                    Eldredge:  January 16 - 19, 2018  (4 day week)
                                         Govoni: February 5 - 9, 2018
                                              Hill:  March 19 - 23, 2018
                                                  Dunn:   April 2 - 6, 2018
                                                        Slevin:   June 4 - 8, 2018

4th grade classes visit 3 classes per day possibly in May and June
More information will be available directly from NHWi.    
This video may help you keep germs away!  
Learn how to wash your hands the correct way!

How to Wash Your Hands  4th grader from MES 

Welcome To The Web Lessons  Learn all about the internet    

Microsoft Office 2010 tutorials

All subjects in one Websites: 

Teach the Children Well  is more website links then you can go to in a week...

 (Check out the Cape Cod Section at the bottom) Thanks to Elaine M Doolittle M.Ed. Activities (MATH)     

 Kids Konnect-a safe Internet gateway for kids of all ages. Thanks to Jan Belzer

Sheppards Software      

Scholastic Computer Activities K-2 Interactives

A                                                                Animal Web Sites

B                                                 BrainPOP                                          

BIBLIOGRAPHY SITES to cite your sources:           OSLIS   or  KNIGHTCITE  (for all grades)

D             Dictionary              Synonym          Thesaurus           Grammar Site pages

H                                                Holiday/Important Dates

I                                                             Internet4classrooms

  IMAGE  websites to use: Remember to click on "Images"

K       Kids Safe Search Engines to use: 10 Search Engines suitable for Children

Keyboarding - practice websites   (great sites for all ages and skill levels)

M                                   Math Web Sites  (listed by age and grade)

P                                             Poetry Websites

S                                            Science  Listed by Grade and Subject

    Social Studies    Listed by Grade  ~  Subject ~ Geography

     Spelling   Listed by School and Teacher 

Smart Board Templates "Center School District"

Tux Programs  ~To download at home~ for tux type -- tux paint -- tux math

W                                     Website links by grades:    

Kindergarten - Grade 1 Pages                       2nd and 3rd grade Website links               

     4th grade links                    5th grade  links 

        Xtra     Other Websites that we use,  sometimes just for fun

                                          How Does Cape Cod Do In A Flood? (1 meter = 3 feet)

AA                Art Pad online                    Art "SumoPaint"           My Oats Painting           

BB                 All my faves .com                    Build Your Wild Self             Ball Droppings (sound)

CC                   COMIC creators pages            readwritethink your own comic        

                  Strip Comic Creator                     Super Hero comic strip

FF                           Fun Brain                                      Free Rice (Vocabulary, Math etc.) 

Free Kibbles for Dogs     or     Free Kibbles for Cats 

HH                                            How Stuff Works                         

II             International Dining Etiquette Quiz       IM complete list NetLIngo        

JJ            Jeopardy           Jigsaw puzzles online            White Jigsaw

KK             Kids Konnect                  Kerpoof  Make a card, movie, story, drawing, picture and doodle pad   

OO                                                               Optical Illusions   

QQ                 Quizzes:  So you want to be a geek? 

SS                         Suzy's- How does a computer work?     

TT                    Tag Galaxy              Tagxedo               Trivia Directory       

VV                                                                     Voice Thread

WW     Where Do You Draw Your Digital Line?   Cyber Bulling 

             Website Pages About You!                                           Wordle    

DYRSD School Links 

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    I hope you enjoy using this site as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.                             

    Mrs. Jan Murray-Daniels

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