Math 1325 Spring 2016

If you have any questions send me an email.

We are going to use Google Sheets and Excel for this course as well as Mathematica.

I would like to keep the course as paperless as possible and concentrate on how to use math software.

When you create a file for this course use the following naming convention:

course number_assignment_last name

Example: 1325_hw1_smith.xlsx

Do not put blank spaces in file names. Use underscores "_".

Course Syllabus

How to get Mathematica

If you are having an issue getting an activation key from Wolfram use this request form link.

Office 365 Download

Limits HW 1 (Excel)

Example from class on 1/11

Example from class on 1/14

Class Work on Limits

One-Sided Limits and Piecewise Functions HW 2 (Mathematica)

Examples From Class 1/13

Example from Class on 1/19

Example from Class on 1/20

Limit vs. Continuity Example

Piecewise Functions, Limits, Continuity, Removable Discontinuities, Partitions HW 3 (Mathematica)

HW 3 example from 1/21

HW 4 Mathematica

HW 4 Class Example from 1/26

Practice Exam 1 (Mathematica)

We will have exam 1 on Monday, February 1 or Tuesday, February 2.

New Concepts: The difference quotient, taking the derivative of a function using the power rule,given a polynomial and a point provide the equation of the tangent line, evaluate a break-even graph and discuss marginal revenue and marginal cost concepts.

In the textbook this is sections 10.4, 10.5, & 10.7

HW 5 Due by 2/12

HW 6 Due by 2/15

Class example from 2/10

Class example from 2/11

HW 6 Q6 & Q7 Example

HW 7

HW 7 examples for Q12 & Q13

We will test on the concepts from HW 5, 6, & 7 on Feb. 24 & 25.

HW 8

HW 8 Q 2 Example with Explanation

Example from 2/15

HW 9

Practice Exam 2

HW 11 Elasticity of Demand Mathematica File

HW 11 Elasticity of Demand PDF

Point Elasticity vs. Arc Elasticity Notes

HW 12 Elasticity of Demand

HW 13 Elasticity of Demand

HW 14 Compound Interest

HW 15 Section 11.1 Compound Interest (Problems 25 - 36)

HW 16 Derivatives of Exponential Functions

HW 17 Derivatives of Exponential Functions

HW 18 The Product Rule

HW 19 The Quotient Rule

HW 20 The Chain Rule

After this we will have a practice exam and then an exam.

Practice Exam 3: Elasticity, Derivatives of Exponential Functions

Course Time Line

HW 22 FV, PV, NPER, & Annuities

HW 23 First Derivative Test

HW 24 Optimization

HW 25 Optimization

HW 26 Optimization

HW 27 Integration

HW 28 Integration This is our last HW assignment.

Tuesday & Wednesday, April 26 & 27 we have to review for our final exam.

Final Exam Review

Class work from 4/26