MATH 1325 Fall 2015

We are only limited by our imagination, our motivation, and our understanding of mathematics.

If you have any questions send me an email.

If you run the computer during class for me, send me an email and remind me so that I give you credit in the gradebook.

When you create an Excel file for this course use the following naming format:

assignment_course number_last name



Please do not put blank spaces in file names. Use underscores "_".

At the beginning of each excel spreadsheet page type the following in the top left:

assignment, course number, last name

Math 1325 Course Syllabus

Vocabulary Document

HW 1:

Setup Office 365, through your Tarleton email, on a device you can bring to class.

Work through pages 2 - 13 of the Excel Intro link below.

Email me an Excel file with the examples from pages 2 - 13 in the Excel Intro worked out.

Excel Intro

Limit Intro

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Classroom Problem Set 1 (Due by 8/31) I will take it written.

HW 2 (Written from Textbook) (Due by 8/31)

Section 10.1 Problems 9-16, 29-46, 52, 54, 56, 58, 73-80

Limits Worksheet (Due by 8/31)

Limits and Asymptotes Intro

Section 10.2 Limits HW 3

Problems 52 - 64 (even) & 85 - 90 (all) (due by 9/4)

Email me this as an Excel file. I will go over how to set it up in class.

Section 10.3 Continuity, Partitions, & Sign Charts

Problems: 32 - 40 Even, 48 - 54 Even, 77 - 82, 89 - 94

Before we move any further, I would like to review and test on these concepts.

Test Review

Rate of Change (Problems: 13-15, 21-24, 55-56, 61-66)

Derivatives 9/18

Derivatives WKS (HW for 9/18)

Marginal Analysis

Marginal Analysis Textbook Problems

(HW 1-8, 21-28, 33, 34, 37, 38, 43)

More Marginal Analysis Questions

Marginal Analysis Exam Review

We will test on Friday 10/2.

Concepts: Run the difference quotient with a quadratic, take the derivate of a function or two using the power rule, given a polynomial and a point provide the equation of the tangent line, evaluate a break-even graph and discuss marginal revenue and marginal cost concepts.

From here we will move onto compound interest.

Simple vs. Compound Interest

Section 11.1 Compound Interest (HW Problems 25 - 36)

Derivatives of Exponential Functions Part 1 (HW assigned 10/7)

Email me a spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Example

Example from class on 10/7

Example from class on 10/9

Derivatives of Exponential Functions Part 2

(HW 10/16 Problems 6,7,9,10 in a spreadsheet)

Email me a spreadsheet

Example from class on 10/16

Derivatives of Exponential Functions Part 3 (HW 10/14)

Turn this in on paper

The midterms grades will stop at this point. We have had two exams and all of the HW up to this point.

Turn in this HW by the 19th.

We will have an exam by the end of October.


Derivatives of Exponential Functions and Logarithmic Functions

Use the derivative at the midpoint to estimate the amount of interest which incurred over a period

Sketch the concept of a secant line through the endpoints of a period of exponential growth

Elasticity of Demand

The Secant Line of Exponential Growth

Elasticity of Demand

Elasticity of Demand 1 Excel File

Arc Elasticity vs. Point Elasticity

Elasticity of Demand 2 (HW)

Elasticity of Demand 3 Textbook Problems (HW)

Review of Derivatives of Exponential Functions and Elasticity of Demand

More Elasticity of Demand (HW)

Elasticity of Demand More in Depth

We test on Monday 11/2

Final Exam Timeline

The Product Rule (HW)

The Quotient Rule (HW)

The Chain Rule (HW)

The First Derivative Test (HW)

Optimization (HW)

Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Chain rule, First Derivative Test, & Optimization Practice Exam

More Optimization

Practice Final Exam