Math 1314

We are only limited by our imagination, our motivation, and our understanding of mathematics.

If you have any questions send me an email.

If you run the computer during class for me, send me an email and remind me so that I give you credit in the gradebook.

When you create an Excel file for this course use the following naming format:

assignment_course number_last name



Please do not put blank spaces in file names. Use underscores "_".

At the beginning of each excel spreadsheet page type the following in the top left:

assignment, course number, last name

Group A: On the 28th I want you to do your presentation on how we share Excel files in the Office 365 OneDrive.

Math 1314 Course Syllabus

Vocabulary Document

Intro Power Point

Presentation Groups Math 1314 MWF 10:00-10:50AM Room: Math 213

HW 1

Establish email contact with the members of your presentation group.

I will provide time during class for this.

Be able to access Office 365, through your Tarleton email, on a device you can bring to class.

You do not need to download Office; it will run in the cloud.

Work through pages 2 - 13 of the Excel Intro link below.

Email me an Excel file with the group's name, a member list, each member's email address, and the examples from pages 2 - 13 in the Excel Intro worked out.

Each individual student should email me a file.

Due by the following class day.

Excel Intro

Group Presentation: Each group is to provide a 10 minute presentation on how we can collaborate using Office 365 or a feature of Office 365 you believe will be useful in your professional life.

Showing a video is not acceptable. One option is to bring us up to date on a feature of Office 365 which allows us to share, edit, and collaborate our Excel documents. I am looking for you to dig into Office 365 and find something interesting you didn't know about.

The entire group is to introduce themselves to the class. We will use the equipment in the classroom for presentations.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Classroom Problem Set 1 (Due by 8/28) (Turn this in Written)

Classroom Problem Set 2 (Due by 8/31) (Email me an Excel file)

HW 2 (Excel File) (Due by 8/31) (Email me an Excel file)

HW 3 (Written from Textbook) (Due by 8/31)

Section 1.1 Problems: 2, 6, 12-17, 27-29, 34

Section 1.2 Problems: 1-19, 27-33, 39, 48, 74-77

We will now become awesome at linear word problems!

Classroom Problem Set 3 (Linear Word Problems) (Email me an Excel file)

(These problems would be chapter 2 in the textbook.)

(Do all of these problems)

Classroom Problem Set 4 (More Linear Word Problems) (Not Assigned)

(These problems would be chapter 2 in the textbook.)

After these linear word problems we will move on to average rate of change (section 1.4), proportions (section 1.5), and quadratics (chapter 3).

Then we will take a test.

Average Rate of Change Intro

Classroom Problem Set 5 Average Rate of Change

Textbook Section 1.4 Problems 11 - 39 (Odd)

You can turn this in written or make an Excel file.

Average Rate of Change Review

Direct Variation Intro

Direct Variation Problems

Classroom Problem Set 6 Direct Variation

Textbook Section 1.5 Problems 33 - 47 (This is HW due by 9/11)

Now we will move onto quadratics.

Factoring Quadratics

Completing the Square (9/11)

Vertex Form Problems

Quadratic Problems


Quadratic Textbook Problems (Due by 9/14 Wed. This is the only HW due for Quadratics. )

(Section 3.2 Problems 19,20,21,48,49,50,56,58)

(Section 3.3 Problems 16,18,20,40,42,45,46)

(Section 3.4 Problems 13-18,28,30,32,70,71,72,74)

This HW can be turned in written but if you prefer to type it in Word or Excel that is fine.

Exam 1 Review (9/14 Wed)

Now we take a test! (9/18 Friday)

Exam 1 REDO Review (9/23)

Polynomials are in Chapter 8 of the textbook

What is a polynomial?

What is the degree of a polynomial?


Sign Diagrams of Polynomials (HW 9/21)

Graphs & Sign Diagrams (HW Due 10/2)

Applications of Polynomials and Graphing Concepts

Polynomial Long Division (HW Due 10/5)

Factoring Polynomials

Potential Polynomial Exam Questions (HW 10/1)

Rational Functions 1

Rational Functions 2

Rational Functions 3

Practice Exam for Polynomials and Rational Functions

More Practice Questions

We will test on Wednesday 10/14 over Polynomials and Rational Functions.

All of the material up to this point will determine the midterm grades.

We will move onto Exponential Functions & Logarithms

We will cutoff for midterm grades at this point.

So we have two exams and all of the above HW.

Exponential Functions (HW Due Mon. 10/19)

Compound Interest (HW Due Wed. 10/21)

Logarithms 1

Logarithms 2

Logarithms 3

Logarithms 4 (This is HW) 10/26

We will test on Monday 11/2

Functions Involving a Square Root (HW)

Change of Base (HW)

Applications of Logarithmic Functions (HW)


Practice Exam for Exponentials, Logarithms, & Square Roots (HW)

Now we move onto Systems of Linear Equations

Final Exam Update

Systems of Linear Equations 1 (HW)

Systems of Linear Equations 2 (HW)

Systems of Linear Equations 3 (HW)

Matrices (HW)

Matrices 2 (HW)

Practice Exam for Systems of Equations

Practice Exam for Systems of Equations 2

Practice Final Exam