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Rocket Team

End Effector picking up bottle

End Effector 9/16/18

Rover Challenge Rules

Rover Image

Math Day Presentation

NASA SL 2018 Launch

Map To Timber Lake

Full Scale Launch 2/9/18

Full Scale Ejection Test 2/8/18

Subscale Launch 1/5/18

Subscale Ejection Test 1/5/18

USLI Competitors

Team Flyer

Crowley PDF

Math Day Presentation Video

Math Day Presentation PDF

Crowley Launch Image 4/21/17

Crowley Launch Video 4/21/17

NASA TV Huntsville Link 4/8/17

NASA Award Image

Huntsville Launch Samsung 4/8/17

Huntsville Launch ScreenShot 4/8/17

Huntsville Launch ScreenShot from NASA Camera

Huntsville Launch GoPro 4/8/17

GoPro Video 3/31/17

Samsung Launch Video 3/31/17

Launch Video 3/31/17

GoPro Video 3/25/17

Samsung Video Launch 3/25/17

iPhone Video Launch 3/25/17

SPR Static Burn 3/24/17

Campbell Auto Body Photo

Team Photos 3/23/17

SPR Static Burn 3/23/17

GoPro Video 3/3/17

Launch Video 3/3/17 The Bad One

Launch Video 2/27/17 The Big One

HERO Video from 2/27/17

Launch Video 2/17/17

Hero Video 2/17/17

Recovery Pic 2/17/17

Static Burn Explosion Video from 2/4/2017

Static Burn Success Video from 2/4/2017

Static Burn Explosion Flir Video 2/4/2017

Static Burn Success Flir Video 2/4/2017

Static Burn Explosion Screenshot 2/4/17

Static Burn Explosion Flir Screenshot 2/4/17

Static Burns from 1/9/2017
FLIR Video on Samsung Galaxy S6
IPhone Video

TSU Research Symposium Presentation 10/27

SpaceX Internship Link

James Landay Comments

Video for NASA USLI, Huntsville Alabama, 8min

Team Website

Team Facebook

Launches from 3/25

JTAC Article

FRR Videos

The Best Full Scale Launch Video from the AGSE with the Painted Rocket

FRR Presentation


FRR Autonomous Video

Rocket Launch Video from 2/27/16

Folder with Photos & Video


Painted Rocket in Lab 2/11/2016

Rocket Launch 2/6/2016

Full Scale Launch 2/6/2016

First Subscale Launch 1/4/2016

Second Subscale Launch 1/4/2016

Sponsorship Package

CanSat 2014 Team Photo

CanSat 2014 Photos

Motor Burn Data

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