U of U Conference

Preface by Allen Merriman: Now, over two years later, we still see the Ponzieland fraud frenzy reaching for yet another front-page news milestone. Who is really benefiting as the public attends this week's U of U sponsored "fraud college" conference? It would be interesting to tally up the number of prisoners taken, professors teaching this new area of the law, books written, and new government offices created to find "white-collar criminals" in Utah. Roll the clock back as my son Dan, without adequate representation, was silenced by the system.. From the day of his arrest in Salt Lake City his defense has "overlooked" beneath an emerging sea of ill-defined white collar crime law.

He was talked into pleading guilty in a "criminal" court instead of where this civil contest should have been judged. The door was slammed to a fair judgement and trial as the news media focused on this new type of fraud in the state. Dan's case (the prosecution's side--not Dan's defense) repeatedly appeared in local newspapers and on TV. The real criminals of financial greed and corruption were discovered nationwide in industry failures and even your local institution leaders "cashed in" on the frenzy. Dan claims that he was himself the victim of fraud and that had he been paid the investment problem could have been settled out of court. To date, Dan still has not had "his day in court". Where is the "innocent until proven guilty" rule in this case?  Whisked away and imprisoned he had no opportunity to defend himself. With no access to the necessary information in prison, Dan started writing and preparing his own defense. My other son and I traveled to Utah to obtain the needed defense documents. We were fortunate to connect with and receive encouragement from a good lawyer.  This was over a year ago and before the exploding "Ponzieland" legal frenzy in Utah. Dan finally found a listening ear for his story. (play the CNBC video--grey box link at left)

The MerrimanNet supports the current challenge to the State of Utah to prove that Dan is guilty of criminal fraud. Until then, he should be immediately released from prison, compensated for this injustice and allowed to be productive for a change. Dan is a professional, a veteran with intelligence training, a family man, a businessman with a conscience and has integrity.  If the State of Utah can't see the injustice perpetrated on their taxpayers by imprisoning an "innocent until proven guilty" businessman, then we could use his talent in our state. I will welcome Dan and his family in my community where justice is honored. Show your support by joining our In.Car broadcasts.on www.UStream.tv   or email: in.car@aol.com

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Allen Merriman,
Feb 21, 2012, 8:14 AM