Current Water Conditions at Mermet Springs Scuba - February 13, 2017
Surface: 45°F  15' - 20'  Visibility  |  15 Foot: 45°F  15' - 20'  Visibility  |  20 Foot Platform: 45°F  10' - 15'  Visibility
45 Foot: 46°F  10' - 15'  Visibility  |  85 Foot Platform: 42°F 10' - 15' Visibility   |  Bottom: 42°F  15' - 20' Visibility

Clearance Sale
Clearance Sale!
Mermet Springs always encourages divers to shop with their home dive shop. If you do not have a home dive shop or are one of our local divers, please check out our specials!
The monies from our clearance sale will be put back into improvements at the dive site. Check out the great prices!

DUI Rental Center
Mermet Springs is now a DUI Drysuit Rental Center
We've have partnered with DUI to become one of only three official DUI Rental Centers in the United States.  Certified divers can now rent DUI drysuits, insulation, and other DUI equipment.  We have over 50 DUI Drysuits to rent.

The Hub Recreation Center
Mermet Springs partners with the HUB
We are partnering with the NEW recreation center in Marion, Illinois, where Mermet Springs will be teaching scuba in the near future.  The facility is 16,000 sq feet of recreation awesomeness with pools, classes, weights and gym.  Visit them today and JOIN US!

SSI Online Training

FREE SSI Online Training

SSI's Online Training (the scuba diving academics) is completely FREE!! After you have completed the online training and you decide to continue your scuba education and become a certified diver, you need to complete your training by signing up for an SSI Open Water class at Mermet Springs.  Learn more About SSI's FREE Online Training

Try Scuba Diving

Try Scuba Diving with Mermet Springs!

Discover how it feels to be weightless and breathe underwater! Try Scuba Diving with Mermet Springs! Try Scuba onsite and swim with the fish!  
Experience our Try Scuba PLUS!

Scuba gift certificate
Scuba Gift Certificate for the Holidays
Need that last minute gift for your diver, but not sure what they want?
Mermet Springs Gift Certificates make great gifts!

Season Pass
2017 Season Passes Now On Sale for $225
Mermet Springs Season Passes are available NOW!! 
Dive at Mermet Springs for the entire year of 2017 without entry fees!! 
Grab one up for your diver today!

The Scuba Club Cozumel Dive Resort

The Scuba Club Cozumel | October 14 - 21, 2017

Return to the beautiful Scuba Club Cozumel with Mermet Springs!

Dive Attractions
Dive Inside a 727
Ever scuba dive inside a jet? Diving through the 120 foot-long fuselage of a Boeing 727 in 60 feet of water is a surreal swim. The combination of charred cockpit controls, missing wings and open hatches throughout is a one of a kind experience. It truly is First Class Diving!   Underwater Dive Attractions

Captain Don's

Captain Don’s Habitat Resort BONAIRE

Captain Don's - Bonaire -- July 8th to 15th 2017


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