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 if a mirror shows us our outside, money shows us our inside



"Nobody should be rich but those who understand it."
- Goethe

"Perhaps the most important challenge for the new century is
to share wealth, opportunities, and responsibilities
between the rich and the poor--for a world
where the chasm between rich and poor grows wider
will be neither stable nor secure.
... The problems may seem insurmountable, but they are not.
We have the tools; we have brilliant, dedicated people to find answers.
All we need is a sense of sharing and the will to change.
The will can grow from understanding.
Once we understand, we can care, and once we care, we can change."
Jimmy Carter, Former U.S. President

$$$$$$$$$ ... Network business ... $$$$$$$$$
what do we support with our money ?

it's been becoming much more obvious about the abuse of our politics and economy by the power of wealth. there have been so many manipulations and controls among many countries through the power of wealth. and the wealthy-and-poor ... is still there. there are many countries and so many people who are wealthy and wealthier yet the poor themselves haven't changed much ... do we hear about it ? do we see it ? ... many people and children die everyday just because of famine and little infection yet other countries, they have tons of foods to throw away.... in other countries there are the people and the children with no food and even water to survive, and in other countries there are the people who eat junk to make them sick and slowly to kill themselves. we see a penny and dime all over everyday, in every second how many of paper cups and packages of kids meal are thrown away ? we have so much to waste yet there are not enough people to make donations to help out those people who are dying for little food, water, and disinfection. there has been the disasters by nature, hurricanes and tsunami. we have tons of money to contribute to wars that kill people and destroy countries but not much money to save and help rebuild the lost.

I was very sick and a mother of a little child, not being able to work physically. I was introduced a networking business, called MLM, multilevel marketing as it is still known by many people. I did not have a good impression of MLM yet the more I heard about the business, the more I was convinced. the product that introduced me was to help out people's health. what is really health ? health now a day is not really about physical plane anymore. it is obvious that maintaining health really requires total nurturing of physical, mental, emotional and financial conditions, indeed. living in developed countries, we witness our consciousness toward finance has been gaining the great attention ... but not about how to share but still to compete and for an empty desire of MORE.

the focus of businesses in majority until now has been to compete, to make money, we work so hard for money. there have been deceptions, manipulations, and artificial additives in order to win and facilitate the games on the market. as I have been into a couple of network businesses now, I have understood the great potential in this business. the potential to spread the financial support and to share the prosperity with others. ( maybe, nothing new for you to hear ... and you might just want to dismiss this page here now. but please read on ... )

I of course encounter the people who are against network businesses. " oh, that is MLM, the pyramid scheme. why do you want to support such a business ? if the product is real and good then why the company don't sell on the open market ? "

the first, I would like to point out the fact that buying the products on the open market doesn't mean we are supporting the good companies or good products. almost anything on the open market have any kind of chemicals that harm the environment and even carcinogens to kill us slowly yet absolutely in a long term use. through the products we use everyday such as detergents, skin care, and food and snack that we eat, and driving a car, etc, ... we indeed support polluting our environment and our bodies. and animal-testings ! ... we contribute the great amount on killing animals not just by eating. and mostly, the price in the major products on the open market has the big part of their advertisements that cost extra to us. we spend extra for the advertisements ... but what a kind of message in the advertisement that we see everyday ? through those advertisements what education we receive ? don't we spend our money on Junk education ?

network marketing usually spend much less money on advertising and moving the products from one place to another, so the main cost in the product is much less, therefore, most of the part that would go to advertising, hiring people, maintaining the offices and factories, and deliveries, etc, we can share with others instead of just advertising a company and moving things around. network business is about to share and support instead of and besides just to compete to make the profit for a company. what are the really benefit of network business, the first is as the word itself says " networking " network with people. especially we still have many people who are skeptical about network marketing so that the business doesn't seem to work much without trust and sincerity. any businesses must operate trust and sincerity, however, there are still, indeed, the businesses without trust and sincerity, even taking advantage from their employees and consumers, too, ... and sadly, even child labor there are children who do not only work with little wage but also many lose the part of bodies or even lives ! ... and, yes, there are many people still think only of themselves and see others as just a money making among network marketings, too, yet the effort by self-absorption also support others after all in this type of business. many people say about network business that they have lost their friends because of the marketing. as long as the product is good I believe it is just because of the old way we still think about a business, money. not only who sells but also the other side that have the old concept about making and dealing with money. do you think the profit first instead of service when you providing your information to your prospects ? do you hear money first although the sales person is providing the information that might serve greatly in some or many aspects in your life ? how does money sound to you ?

network business is indeed not an easy business as many people believe. it is still a business so we must spend the time and make the effort to promote and recruit with faith, trust and sincerity, and in a long run that will bring us a steady supporting network. the network to share the prosperity and joy to serve to others and each other. the business we deal with is not the one that a company deal with. the business will be to cultivate our own potentials, the challenge to our own potentials in many aspects. we must be able to judge one's own business for the improvement that serves others and oneself. we are the boss and we are the coworkers for others. we do not wait for our boss to promote us. we can promote ourselves as we make the efforts. there are indeed so many people who do not get promoted even though they work so hard at work in our society. we can manage our own time, we can afford the freedom. I am not talking about the freedom of being lazy but the freedom of doing and being truly responsible of our own lives. we can stay at home that bring the better time with our families ( children ! ). we parents now a day are too busy to make money for foods, health insurance, luxury that we no longer stay at home enough to even sort our trash for recycling or not, nor do have a quality time with our children which tend to lead children to crimes or/and depression and that also provides less meaning of having a family that we do not know how to pass on our teachings and wisdom for how to raise children or how to keep a home together or to cook heart warming home cooking anymore, that our younger generations have been losing more and more of the interest in having " a home " but led to misuse of their potentials and to the irresponsible freedom. the time to be with children are so inevitable right now for our future. and staying at home, we do not drive as much as supposed to which contribute so much for reducing the emissions into our environment, and that contribute to reduce the stress on traffic. ( what do we support through buying gasoline anyway ? ) ... and at least the products I am in with network businesses are good for humans, animals, and the environment. I am consciously supporting the products with my own choice and commitment. we really need to be aware what we have been supporting blindly.

one of the network businesses I am into brings this message for the total health. health in your body, your heart, and your finance. most of us work so hard to support our families and holding the anxiety and stress at the same time. we pay thousands dollars for our health insurance even a year, we pay so much but we are the one to deal with all hustles when it comes the time for the insurance to take care of our medical bills despite the fact that after all the money we pay every month. why do we have to live in such hard and unsupported life ? again, we pay so much on taxes but do they really support us ? or support to kill the people in foreign lands ? ... life is supposed to be fun and nurturing. financial stability indeed can bring the healthy enriched soothing environment unless we abuse or trash it. we believe money can not bring us happiness but isn't it just because we do not give money the respect and the chance to truly nurture us ? there are so many people who are sick and even with debts on medical bills. how could they ever be healthy dealing with such stress and frustration through financial concern that brings them the extra to deal with, besides, their own physical burdens ? ... could they ever be able to dream to have a nice vacation just to relax like anyone else ? we all have a body, a heart and brain but some of our lives are unfairly too different. why do we believe in this unfairness that won't change ? ... just because some big power controls us ? ... but who is following and believing in the power ? ... it is not about someone control us but who follow and support the control and who let the power have the freedom to do what ever they want to do. don't we want to change this old system ? don't we want the world that support us ? ( by the way, I heard that what those health discount program companies do is the same as the major health insurance companies do. the difference is the availability of the numbers of hospitals, clinics and doctors. choose one wisely and frugally. don't abuse your money. if you have such money to abuse and waste, then please make donations. )

I at least know one company in Japan which is one of network businesses, that the president of the company encourages their distributors for donations. " if you ever earn enough then please share the extra making donations for those underprivileged children in the world. we adult will die sooner (than them) anyway, we must be the ones to protect and nurture our children in all over the world." he has been donating so much of the company profit to those places who need to raise the funds for those children in the world. ... yes, there are the people who really abuse our sincerity to the fraud for their own sakes. because of those people we are learned that money somehow is not a healthy thing to deal with. however, there are also those who really care and because of their care they alter their way of businesses to network marketings, and with my wish, it must be the time for those people whose concept of money is to share and to serve everyone to be recognized. through the network marketing we can alter our way of earning and spending money, and our time and potential ! into a different perspective ... to share, to serve, and to nurture.

many people just might think the way of network business, especially MLM, there will be the people who come to the bottom lines and that won't bring any benefit to those people at the bottom. if that would ever happen, but just think about, if the cycle of the benefit at the bottom stops means the benefit of the people upper lines stops. if the people upper lines only think themselves then they would be stopping themselves from the flow after all. ( they might not care because they made enough or more than enough money ? ... wait a minute, not all humans are that bad ... please continue ... ) in order to keep the flourishing cycle alive, the people upper lines would come down at some point to participate as down lines. if we participate in doing so, the flow never ceases. it might depend on the products but we have generations to come and so many products and services to be involved with. and if we also can be involved in as many network businesses as we like or can handle instead of one and that can also help facilitate the flow better. there are tons of money in banks just sitting there, we should facilitate the flow of prosperity.

I have noticed through participating in network businesses, I have indeed met many people who have the visions of bringing the fairness to the world, like a building a big house or organization to take care of those underprivileged children or animals in shelters, or clinics and schools in poor countries, or for the concern for the environment ... could be just because of the products I chose might have brought the same type of people. they ( please allow me to include myself ) are willing to share their profits with others who are in the unfairness. if you understand how this works, through this way of business, we can earn the money for ourselves and for others, and to continue to keep the flow, we can bring the opportunity to make money to many many people in the world. even to those who do not have any money to participate. once we become rich enough then we can use the money to create the account for the poor and to support their businesses to make the flow for them, and stop supporting the person when the flow begins to run itself and let them handle alone and move on to the next person. ... doing so, we will eventually have the world that money just flow automatically, and the life that we do not need to work for money. when we do not have to care about money, what will we care and live for ? ...... that will be our true potentials, explore our true potentials and to explore our world with the challenge to see how better and wiser we can improve oneself and our world. ( besides those beautiful places, to visit those villages where no foods and no water, visit the countries where we support wars, etc, more of us need to feel the urge to bring this world into harmony. )

I wonder how many of us just have given up our dreams just because to make money for living ? how many companies and organizations close their businesses just because they can not make enough financial supports through their business despite of the fact that what they provide and serve are much worth for our society ? how many of us go to work we never like but have to because of money ? ... to start a network business, we do not need a fortune to build the business, much much small amount of investment we can begin with, and there are also network businesses that do not require any investments, too. a little investment or even none has the potential to make our dreams come true and the intention to make one's dream come true will even serve to bring others prosperity if it is the network business. once we can be into our true potentials without abusiveness and self-absorption, then there will be the world with longevity and no crimes ... and no more the rich-and-poor division. it might be the first step on the stepping stones for the new world yet I believe it is worth trying. donations help for the patches but besides considering making donations for minor relief ( please keep donating, we still need the patches, many many patches ! ) we can also fix the root of the poor and the crimes of the money making, the facts of this dysfunctional world, by the money that all of us can make together and that can bring the paradise for all on Earth again, and which will bring back the planet's true health and wealth to serve and nurture all again. and we will all live happily ever after in longer lives.

this world need passion and compassion that serve all.

...please choose wisely what to involve with if you want to give a try. there are indeed frauds still going on. choose the product(s) or/and service(s) you will feel good and be proud to be a distributor for. let's support the network business to support you and support others, and that can support all. please don't just dismiss this thinking you don't need extra money. there are so much you can help and save with the extra money if you ever make.

( I am not encouraging here to dismiss the companies on the open market. I just would like to bring the attention to the fact what we support with money and how we can share with and spread the prosperity to each other to correct the abuse of our wealth and that also cause to destroy our health and wealth in this world. )

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... humans who must have brains and hearts
have been leaving those issues for too long ...
... it is very shameful to have such facts in our human history ...

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned
and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money."
- Cree Indian Proverb

our world is not nurturing, it is destroying and murdering.
we must know what's good and what's wrong
yet we still leave wrongs to contaminate our world.
let's correct the wrongs,
and to prove how kind and smart our intelligence truly is,
and our money can be,
in order to bring back the true health and wealth to us and to our Planet.



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