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: building eco community ... and that into a world :


as a school, as a play ground,
and for a life itself and Earth herself as a school and a play ground for all of us

< restaurant >

... for a reminder of our sensuality, the five senses. ( hopefully, and the sixth one. )

eating ( and cooking, preparing ) food is indeed very sensual, the sensations of the textures into our mouths and hands, the smell to our noses, the sound to our ears, the colors to our eyes, and into our whole bodies. not only by the food that served, but also by the atmosphere in the restaurant will bring the elements of woods, metals, water, fire, earth, and wind ... all into the presentations in harmony. as succeeding to the reminder of such a sensual body, the embodiment, we will re-recognize the relation with the abundance of mother nature, and the great gratitude in sincere attitude within us, " respect " ... which will re-connect us with our Earth again.

main menu is basically vegan and raw foods. it is not a restaurant for vegan and raw food vegetarians. it is simply to provide more vegetables to our systems. providing such a place to connect with our truth of a physical being, how sensual we are supposed to be yet everyday life we abuse and numb our sensuality with extra this and that, louder music, noise from traffic, artificial colors and flavors and fragrance, chemical additives and further more with drugs, cigarette, alcohol, and pollution, etc ...

embodiment ... just imagine if we didn't have the physical body. there wouldn't have been the defined senses. all senses could have been in a sense. having such a physical body, we can enjoy the sensuality. recognizing the senses, and the materials from Earth ... should we still numb such treasures of the body by abuses ?

working at and coming to the restaurant should give us some insight into some art and meditation through the food and atmosphere, ... as if being in a sacred temple which hopefully to remind us of our bodies as, indeed, the sacred temple.

- What makes Japanese dishes Japanese ? :

- the One World Everybody Eats :

- watch : One World Everybody Eats : 9'55" :

- Live the slow life :

- Slow Food is an international movement :

if we can understand " eating " deeply, we will all understand the true value of everything that nurtures us in all aspects.

< store/museum for waters >

... selling books about waters, accessories for water bottles such as talismans around the bottles to simply honor and worship water, stickers that stick on a bottle with the words such as " gratitude ", " love ", " prayer ", " fun ", etc, which face against water so that the water inside a bottle can read and feel good to be inside a container, and as we drink it, we can bring such a treatment into our body. ( if we treat others good then that will treat ourselves good ... we must treat our farm animals good, too, if we want to eat them. ) ... and water ionizer machines and tools, etc. this place will be nothing but the gratitude for water.

our planet and our body are made with water ... about 2 / thirds, which is a lot, ... we must not underestimate the fact, we must worship it.

- the mystery art & science of water : water/

- We must learn more about water :

- water purification : fibers : Microza - Highly Efficient, Precise Filtration, Durable Module :

- water purification using Bacillus natto/subtilis : B. subtilis ( sorry, only in Japanese : but find out more about Bacillus natto @

- ecological sanitation :

- more about water : go to Water and Earth >>>

< schools for preschool and older >

... main principle will be yin and yang such as in Japanese martial arts, flower arrangement, calligraphy, karate / aikido, tea ceremony, creating Japanese gardens, and tai chi, yoga, etc, ... to lead the way to ground and to understand of yin and yang, instead of on or off, and good or bad.

typical old fashioned kids TV programs have seemed to be encouraging being energetic is the way to go. kids want to learn but they can only know so much how and what in this world of too many and too much, and also how to use their energy can be misled by the circumstances. and boredom can easily lead them bouncing around and even further to criminals. humans teach dolphins tricks believing we " teach and educate them " although the fact is dolphins have much higher intelligence than we have thought, which can be said the same to our children. they already have much higher intelligence and capacity to understand and absorb yet we tend to repeat old ways to (re)program them, which slower kids' developments. bringing yin and yang principle, kids learn judgment and discrimination in subtle and profound ways instead of good and bad ( hero and evil ). yin and yang will also support to find balance and harmony in nature and art. also introducing traditions and languages in many cultures in order to learn respect the differences. also providing many kinds of music, especially like Jazz for playfulness yet in order, freedom and discipline, featuring others ( giving ) and being featured ( receiving ). and encouraging their expressions in art and singing, creating music, dance and musical/circus, ... also learning a sign language to communicate without sounds which can develop the communication and expression in deeper meanings. ... developing the right brain will help comprehension in science and technology greater. and also learning astrology the science, the art, and the mythological history ... and simply reading "stars", and through that, using the combinations of the astrological aspects to write stories which will facilitate the skill of writings and learning the possibilities of happenings in lives in imagination and reality, also learning to respect the unique differences in each individual, and acknowledging the life purposes differ in each person.


- Whole brain development program for children :

- School Readiness Considered From a Neuro- Cognitive Perspective :

- Quantum Speed-Reading :

- Japanese Art and the Japanese View of Nature : moa-

- what it's like to be a kid and live in different countries? :

- We challenge you to explore how assumptions and judgements play out in your life ...

... so much to learn ... that a school day might have to be over later in a day. if school is fun then children will like to learn and stay longer in a school which will help parents to organize and manage their daily life better for themselves and also for the time with their children. and that will also provide the better time for children to develop their concentrations and so that will keep children from chances to encounter crimes.

I wonder if system of our educations was longer, instead of general 12 years school system, maybe, 24 years ... our society would be focused on education in greater deal ? the average of marriage would be older and much more secure to support new generations ... ?

encourage the communication with nature in respect. providing spaces to build medicine wheel gardens with a Peace Pole and a totem pole to facilitate their motivations to create their own sanctuary gardens, or/and tree of life or DNA shaped garden for growing vegetables and herbs. and also a Japanese garden for developing their meditative attention and action in silence. and also learning the rhythm of the nature, in which adds to cultivating love, understanding and nurturing to the nature and for the nature within children.

- Book : the medicine wheel garden :

"We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep on watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it."

- John Lennon

- Tree House World FAQs :


- New Concepts in Education :

- National Geographic Kids News :

- Peace Village International :

there will be cafeterias with no junk snacks and no sodas. children will be the part of preparing food and snacks will be included in general subjects for kids to learn participation in nurturing and to develop their own responsibility on their own health.

- Distorted food supply, prices to blame for soaring obesity, says IOTF :

this school will also facilitate parenting counseling programs to support parenting. and having a group talks for sharing and exchanging the advise and inputs for growing together with children and confronting difficulties, and children's needs now a day, also with elders to share their wisdom.

< radio, TV, pod castings >

programs ... for parenting and raising particular ages, and natural birth and pregnancy ... sharing the experiences, and youth talk, what they want to manifest, what they are into now, what issues they have problems with, what they see in future, etc. and aging and elder people's issues and sharing their experience and wisdom. ... also art in any forms, and understanding anatomy, biology, science, technology, environment, etc for betterment of the world, ourselves and others in nature. and also focusing on preventive medicinal approachs to our daily lives.

- Global Tribe / Voice :

- citizens and scientists for Environmental Solutions :

- How kids can protect the Earth, one ripple at a time :

- Good Humans Web Links :

- the Living Library - Dropping knowledge :

- Podcasts - Dennis Kucinich TV :

- Treehugger TV :

- Ecohood Base :

- Current TV :

- Big Picture Small World movies :

- Social Change Photography :

- Health Ranger Report Videos :

< alternative clinics >

... such as herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, channeling, alternative healing, and alternative medical scientific approach to cure diseases. and midwifery with musicians service.

- Gateway to Chinese Medicine, Health and Wellness :

- free of Disease Using Home Remedy & herb :

- Herbal remedies for Common Health Challenges and Ayurveda Information :

- BIO RUBBER: The Ideal Hi-Tec Composite Material for Health and Care :

< residential programs facilities for mental disorders and rehabs, and elder people, child care and orphanage and animal shelter with adopt agencies >

... foods will come from the restaurant, daily programs by the teachers from the schools and treatments from the clinics will be provided. child care combine within the residential elderly care and orphanage, and animals from the shelter will interact with them . there also will be community facilities for volunteering and donating projects.

- Shed helps landmine, polio and Tsunami victims :

- Ugly Quilts for the Homeless :

- non-commercial information on mental health, healthy lifestyles and aging issues :

- Adventurous Living. Responsible Giving :

I believe these facilities for clinics and mental programs will gradually shift into a new category as we all start living healthy and longer.

< facilities for designing >

... for educational materials, games, toys, books, DVDs, etc for kids. and clothing and more with recycled and alternative materials. and items and products for practicality in sustainable manners.

- Revolutionary Pen-Size Computer Uses Bluetooth Technology

- ToTo Washlet (toilet that washes your butt. sit back and relax ... )

- SANYO : a washer mashine with air/ozone wash function ...

- Environmentally preferable purchasing guide : papers :

- Non-tree Fibre Paper :

- Fiber crop :

- Centre for Alternative Technology :

- water car update : Vol 2 Feb 2002 :

- Biodiesel Organization Resources :

- The Imagination Factory Departments and More : kid-at-

- Nature and Environmental DVDs :

- a revolutionary water conditioner that transforms ordinary city water to highly ionized, pH balanced and negative-ion-rich water :

- Solve Global Warming with Baking Soda

< movie theatre >

... this place is for testings some of the materials that come from the designing facilities. and also the place for children to express their own art and films. ( children wouldn't be involved with crime if they have better things to do and if they are provided the space to express their creativity and their creativity are recognized, getting attention. please, simply wonder why crimes grow. )

- Movies have the power to inspire ... :

- Come Together : The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus :

< organic farms and markets >

- Biodynamic Farming & Gardening

- permaculture :

- sustainable agriculture :

- Buy Local, Organic, and Fair Made :

- The Fair Trade Movement: A Closer Look :

- Co-op National Green Pages :

- compost products and other resources related to farm composting :

- Landmines, Coffee and Hope. A Very Special Café is Born in Nicaragua :

- Princess Di devoted herself to a host of domestic and international issues :

any take out containers, coffee cups, and shopping bags are biodegradable and reusable, and also sold instead of giving away as they shop or cash back as it returned.

< recycle center >

"There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use."
-Mother Teresa (1910-1997), A Gift for God , 1975.

anything comes from this planet Earth. with our intelligence, anything must be able to go back to Earth in the harmless and natural way ... and even to benefit back to Earth.

- The New Recycling Movement :

- Anti-Recycling Myths :

- Making Recycling and Reuse More Efficient :

- the Information Resource for the Water Industry :

- new water treatment :

- Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again :

- Plasma arc waste disposal :

- Recycled Chopstick Art :

< gymnastic, play grounds and community parks >

... cleaning and sanitizing systems such as for swimming pools will be non-chemical products, like ozone and reduced electrolysis waters. lots of green area and there will be the garden sanctuaries, vegetable gardens and Japanese gardens that children, elders and anyone can visit and take care of. which will be built next to schools and residential program facilities.

- Efficient Ozone Generator Technology :

- breathing green wall - bio-lung :

< car factory and factories for other products and materials >

... alternative energy, materials, and transportations. if there were no regulations, there would be much more than cars that car companies could do. we have these roads that we have to make sure the transportations fit within so we are not being able to create something totally new and efficient. we could have maybe even UFO-like-vehicles if we would know and make the text and manuals for the different dimensions.

- A Student's Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles :

- Alternative Engineering : A Postmodern Parable :

- Car Engine Design Breakthrough :

- Hybrid Values :

- Wind, Solar and Biomass Energy Today :

- chocolate fuel :

- Extreme 'green' cars of the future :

- Environmentology : Honda thinking in Action :

- Why Bats Are More Efficient Flyers Than Birds :

- ZPrinter 450 : world's most automated and affordable color 3D printer

< carpentry and gardening >

... housing with alternative energy and materials, and in ideas.


- Alternative Home And Building Construction Material Architecture Businesses in the World :

- future-forward design for the world you inhabit :

- Building Green from Principle to Practice : buildinggreen/

- food waste in an environmentally responsible way :

- Composting Toilets :

- Watch : ABO DUDE :

< main office >

... to facilitate all departments, and also to provide the information and materials to those from outside of the community who ever want to alter their business to eco-friendly sustainable products, materials and systems. and to communicate and discuss with others who are open-minded to exchange the ideas and profits to contribute the betterment of the whole world in a world.

employees will be provided their houses, cars, and health care, the tuitions of their children's education and vacation expense by the company, hopefully produce for food. housing will be like a hermit crab, as the family grow the house that will be given will be bigger ... doing so, the families will provide the comments and inputs of the houses, cars and other stuff for better improvements. all compost and recyclable matters will be collected which stimulate the ecological consciousness and the responsibility for the environment and oneself deeper. ( if the company had to have the responsibility on the waste that came from their products, the company must consider the environment and sustainability. )

they basically work 4 days a week shift or even less, so that they can manage and organize the time better especially who have child/ren to spend the time with and some for the parents themselves. ( children can have the time to show their parents what they do or what projects they are working on. if we do not have enough time for ourselves, that tends to sacrifice the time with children which tends to give children absence of attention and that leads to crime or/and even depression. ) the salary will not be very big since most of their needs must be given by the company, and making the profit which will help develop next project/s for the support of life for everyone, therefore, there will be more space to hire more people which will reduce the numbers of the fact of unemployment. it won't be luxury salary yet vacation expense will also be paid and maintenance of house and cars will be taken care of by the company. which will mean that the people who work at this company will consciously work without much concern for anything else, except their and the world's potentials, but for making profits in order to create the opportunities for others to have a job. humble living in service.

life is about experiencing and learning, not about filling the lack with possessions and greed. if such a company can create enough departments for people and in order for the employees to find what they really love to do for living, if it will provide the opportunities for anyone to just swing from one job to another for the experience in order to find what they really love to do for life ( instead of working for a disliked job just because of money to be earned ) and which will also be able to educate them through the experience, life itself ... people will earn and learn through their devotion in experiences, the life itself, ... if the needs in every aspect are provided by the company then we wouldn't really need possessions to secure ourselves and can live with little money. if money is not the issue for our lives , then we will all be able to focus on our potentials of the creativity and how to manifest our thoughts into this physical material world. instead of making just money, it must be the true great joy and fun for humanity, and which will lead our children to naturally cultivate their creativity if we can create such communities and homes, ... a grow-all-together community. and if a company has to provide most things to their employees then the company must consider the sustainability in order not to waste their profit. ( instead of producing products that easy to break, therefore, people have to buy so often. ... we just do not do right, which has been one of the cause of trashing this planet. ) and if, all the companies in the whole world became like that, then, there would be no needs of governments. the leaders of the companies could discuss what need to be done for the betterment for the world and support each other's projects, and which would always have to be discussed at each individual level at each company, therefore, it could be a global conscious business. we need taxes in order to support education and welfare, etc, but if the taxes wouldn't have to go to government and if they would be used right at our feet instead of spending the trillions of money to foreign countries to kill innocents ( on lands and in seas ) and to destroy countries, then such a company would have to be responsible for what the taxes to be spent on. ... suggesting this, in fact, what we will do in such a company will be nothing much new, nothing much different from what we do now but the difference will be what we do through our CONSIDERATION and AWARENESS instead of just making money in order to produce the waste. ... just a tiny gentle shift can make a lot difference.

... we do not bring a life into a war in any forms. a life itself must be a school for anyone to learn many many things through experience, learning knowledge become wisdom through experience ... and this world needs to learn sharing with others in any forms instead of taking away, ... and our own potentials need to be challenged in creative and productive ways in higher and deeper standards, kindness and in grace, instead of being challenged in destroying and spoiling in order to fill our security and greed. ... we have been trashing our treasures, the potential, for too long ...

we have so many wonderful things and people but neglected and even trashed. shake off our insecurity, greed and fear. each one of us has something to offer and contribute to others, let's share and let's change our world.

United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP :

watch : Human Rights at 50 ( 25 min ) : google video

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no site is too difficult, too big, or too small to restore :

The Venus Projects - the redesign of a culture :

Earthship - Earthship Biotecture the sustainable living :



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