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Terry Jones
It is with great regret that I have to announce the passing of Terry Jones on 1st August 2014. Terry was 79, and had battled with cancer for, thankfully, quite a short period of time. I first met Terry back in 2001 when the late Robin Byers and myself had just finished my Merlin XX project and were considering how to progress. With Terry, and Bill Richards from Bolton, we formed Aero Engines Carlisle to pool our interests and focus on attending events together around the UK.
Terry worked as an industrial chemist for the UK Atomic Energy Authority, latterly working at Dounreay in the far North of Scotland, finally retiring to live in Carlisle with his wife, Margaret.
He was methodical, and a great note-taker. He took on the rebuild of the Welland engine and spent much time doing research, often at the Public Records Office, as a result of which he found out the very unique history of this particular engine, and even reuniting with the engine the husband and wife team who were involved in signing the engine off at the factory in Barnoldswick back in 1943, such was his attention to detail. He returned to Barnoldswick with Welland No183 and ran it again there in 2009.
The last project we were working on was the Mikulin AM42. Terry had overhauled the cylinder heads and valve gear, as well as the carburettors. I have, so far, prepared the crankcase, and it is my intention to see the project through to completion, in getting it running, as a tribute to Terry.

Peter Grieve
October 2014


       Alvis Leonides                                                                                         Rolls-Royce Welland

            Rolls-Royce Merlin                                                                        Bristol Hercules


          A second Rolls-Royce Merlin                                               Our new project a Mikulin AM42
                                                                                                            Made in Soviet Russia     click on image to go to page. 


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