Merlina Malak

MIRACLE ON 6TH STREET® Online Psychic Advisor

Hello Dear Visitor:

My mystical name is Merlina. I'm psychic advisor at the MIRACLE ON 6TH STREET® community. 

     My name means "Powerful sorceress blessed by angels". I was born in Mexico City. My parents' ancestors were Spanish gypsies and I discovered my psychic abilities when I was 9 years old.

     I remember that some day I found a pack of poker cards at my dad's desk and I started to read them for my sisters and friends like tarot cards. 

     In those days, I had no idea of the existence of tarot, however I wrote in a little notebook with the help of my angels the meaning of each card. Up to date I only remember that the 4 of Clovers meant "You'll start a new romance soon"...  Later I knew that all the meanings I assigned to the poker cards actually had an amazing relation with the classic Marseille Tarot's minor arcana symbols.

     Anyhow, I didn't read a true tarot until I was 13 years old when my English teacher, who traveled to Egypt for vacation, brought me a little Ancient Egyptian Tarot which included a nice illustrated book (in English, of course). My teacher had watched me too many times playing cards with my friends, so she decided to give me one of the best gifts I have received in my life, because in that moment I started to research and study everything about tarot. 

     My hobby led me to become an accurate tarot reader. More over, I developed my intuitive abilities and suddenly I got involved in the deepest Esoterism. 

     I met my friend Nadia Khaleedah, who is also psychic advisor at the MIRACLE ON 6TH STREET® community, at the university. Our strong friendship and shared interests let us found out that we have been together for several incarnations.  I'll explain later why our past lives are important for the MIRACLE ON 6TH STREET® community's projects.

     Because of our interest in Esoterism and Spirituality Nadia and I meet in 1998 the MIRACLE ON 6TH STREET's founder, Master of Light Numair Saurav, as well as other gifted psychics who belong to the largest online esoteric community in the world.

     Master of Light Numair revealed us the secrets of the CODEX ARKANUM® which is the most ancient source of spiritual knowledge, and currently I'm embarked in an extraordinary adventure of the Occult and the Mysticism of all times.