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 Here you'll find a few of the DIY audio projects I've attempted, completed, or in the progress of building.

JG Bluetooth AUDIO Remote 7.0

Here is my audiophile bluetooth remote control for your audio projects on google play. 


Sample arduino sketches and hardware to follow soon.

JG AUDIO Remote 3.0  (code name squirrel)

Here is my audiophile remote control for your audio projects.  
Arduino sketch and the android apk files will be at the bottom of the page.

Android, grab the file and install it.  

TAB "Sources"
Click selects each source, long click edits the source.

Bluetooth commands it sends are:  btconnect - when connected
b1, b2, b3, b4 - inputs 1 to 4

TAB "Attenuator"
The buttons send the position of the attenuator from 1 to 128, MUTE is 0.

Arduino, grab the file and upload it onto your arduino.
You'll need at least (to start) an arduino and a bluetooth module.

You can monitor the serial output of the arduino, to verify which bluetooth commands it's receiving.

Check the arduino sketch on which pins to wire up. 

Free, unless you'd like to donate to my squirrel / bird feeder fund.

I'd like to thank Ian @ BTInterfaces for his support.

The latest and greatest video...
An arduino, bluetooth module, 8 relays, and btinterface running on my android phone...

YouTube Video

I'm working on a few android apps that will control a few audio control using bluetooth and an arduino module.
These apps were built using basic4android...

First app is a stepped attenuator. I'll be controlling a twisted pear joshua tree with this.

This app allow you to select 1 of 4 sources. I'll be switching relays on and off with this.
You can edit and rename your source (by holding the button down)

Eventually I'll integrate these two apps together.

Breaking NEWS

I've launched my IT development company.

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JG Remote.apk
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