We meet in Seattle
every Tuesday. Please rsvp 24 hours in advance so we know you will be attending.

Jeanne Martinez  206-762-2133 (home) or
480-318-4775 (cell)
         email:  martinez.jeanne@gmail.com
Bob Drever  425-746-2795
         email:  bobgin@comcast.net

Merkel cell carcinoma (arrow) infiltrating skin tissue, stained brown for Merkel cell polyomavirus large T protein.[1]Approximately 80% of MCC tumors are infected with MCV.

Merkel Cell

Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC) is a rare skin/neuroendocrine cancer.  MCC is about 40 times more rare than melanoma[1] and three times more deadly.[2]  It is distinctly lonely and scary to have.  Most people, including many doctors, have never heard of it.  Finding the most knowledgeable medical resources for diagnosis and treatment is essential.  Getting the support of others who are also coping with MCC can be a helpful way of feeling less isolated. 

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