For the vocal audition part of callbacks on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22nd, please learn all the music for either female or male. You will find sheet music music and a piano accompaniment for posted below.

We will rehearse the songs as a group before the individual auditions begin. So if you have questions about any of the songs, we can answer them for you at that time. Do your best and have fun. We look forward to hearing you!

FEMALE Callbacks: Please spend some time preparing the 2 songs "Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm" and "Love From A Heart of Gold."

MALE Callbacks: Please spend some time preparing the 1 song "I Believe In You."

Sheet music and piano tracks to practice with can be found below.

Happy to Keep excerpt.pdf
Happy to keep his dinner warm.m4a
Love From a Heart excerpt.pdf
Love from a heart of gold.m4a
I Believe in You excerpt.pdf
I believe in you-two possible keys.m4a